Classic customization

I know classic doesn’t have customization but I tried giving the readers. Go at customizing themselves here’s what I did

I made alot of characters but still haven’t finished

So it would start off as

What skin color do you want





Then once they’d click they’d go to eyes
And pick




then once they picked they’d pick the mouth




then last the hair

I only got to the eye shape on the light skin

Because I didn’t know how to code the others

Once you picked something

It would say


something like that :blush:

Then they’d pick something else …

If someone would help me with the coding I’d be more than happy to credit you and add you in my upcoming story if you want ?


I also made to many hair ideas so there’s something

Check Dara Amarie’s website (just look up Dara Amarie online). She has customization templates that have all of the codes you need.
Also…just letting you know:

Categorizing skin tones by light/medium/dark is VERY frustrating for me (I can’t speak for others, but I’m quite sure I’m not alone). Also, what about people who have other eye colors? Mine, for example, are grey. Plus, there are more than three lip shapes.

If you need more help with coding a customization template, feel free to let me know. I’ll help in any way that I can.

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Sorry if I offended you in any way that wasn’t the plan


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You certainly did not! I’m just letting you know for future reference to think through your template before putting in all of the work.

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Yes but you kinda misunderstood things a bit not to be rude

I didn’t list all the stuff because I didn’t finish it if that makes sense becsuse I wanted to finish a rough part of it then add on to it
But sadly there’s still limited customization to classic I wish it would update
as for the skin color it was insensitive of me I apologise. :blush:

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And I appreciate your help :heart:

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That’s really cool, I’d like to help! Since classic style doesn’t offer before-made CC templates I’d love to help make one.

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Oh, got it! No problem. I forgot we were talking about Classic for a bit. :sweat_smile: I’m not the brightest, I suppose.
I actually may have part of a customization template that you can use. Let me see if I can find it - only if you’d like, of course.


Sure of course that would be very helpful!
Can I have your credit details? :blush:

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And I mean like insta not credit card :joy:

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If I can find it, I’ll send them right over. I’ll look when I can :wink:

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How about we from a PM group and discuss the template there? (If you want me to help of course :slightly_smiling_face:)

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That sounds like a plan

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I’m adding the group now!

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Closed & moved to group chat. Thanks all! :yay:

Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: