Classic Episode (Question, contains spoilers)



I have one question to ask. Has episode always insisted we purchase every choice we make. I remember reading a Episode classic and only having to worry about the tickets to refill every 4 hours.
Is it just me, or is it getting really annoying having to purchase every choice you make? I want to read a story and be given the options without paying with “GEMS” for everything. I am currently reading one of my favorites Fake Love True Love and I want my character to be bold, strong, and not afraid to speak her mind. But since I don’t have enough GEMS my poor character had to suck it up and “Beg for another chance”.
I think it’s a cool thing, but I think that the GEMS should be only meant to purchase outfits, not to make a difficult choice.


ikrrrr they are soooo annoying as fuck


i agree with you. like they make us wait for 4 hours for tickets to be refile kill…


YES! Not ganna lie, I live for episode. I still remember being introduced to it by my cousin back in 2012.
This Diamond thing is fairly new. And it’s kind of getting on my nerves.
The four hour thing I can wait, 'cuz I have other stuff to deal with.
But the diamonds are annoying.
I mean, it would be cool if things costed 5 or even 10 to 15, but 32?
It’s ridiculous


i agree. i used to read classic episode too and my sister introduced me the ink episode. and also i live foe episode too


That’s cool. I remember the Classic Characters


but it is annoying that episode get to take our diamonds, i have 19 right now


Yes, I played episode from earlier times too and gems were never a thing! Also, the passes slowly increased in number depending on the amount of chapters you have read.


I played a featured story which ate up my gems because I liked the top the MC wore :joy::upside_down_face::expressionless:


don’t give you for free. u have to use all of your gem like…


That’s how they get us! Now Episode is a cash machine :sob:


that really pisses me off


It is annoying because I will be honest. I am not willing to spend money on an online game and a lot has changed from before. Like the original Campus Crush had no gem choices but now gem choices change the plot greatly ugh


ikr because they know that we are so addicting to it


ikr… before we used to play it for free, but suddenly they changed everything


I have 14 I think.


And if I want to choose something that costs 20. I have to sacrifice my only 4 tickets to get the gems I need for the other story…


Yeah, it also has become sexualised as well :expressionless: (in other words, a machine for profit)…

Lol I have a story of my own and my friend asked if I made gem choices as she reads featured stories in which (the current ones) use gem choices heavily… Personally, I could never imagine myself using gem choices for my readers even if I were to reach a high level of success (a woman can dream :joy:) I just could not make my readers pay so it affects the story.

However, some authors ask readers to donate some gems at the end of the chapter which I think is alright because readers do not feel like they are being forced into anything.


Exactly - need to read another story to get more gems :sob:


Lol I was thinking about that too. Thinking that if I somehow got thousands of readers and I get featured, I’d probably only ask for gems when a character is going to buy an outfit. IDK if you guys know Joseph Evans, but I truely look up to him. Through out the years, he has stayed cautious about using to many gemed choices