Classic Hairstyle


I’ve noticed a hairstyle used in some classic stories but can’t seem to find it when I create characters. It’s very wavy/curly hair, and it was used in Reckless by Brenda for a character Janellia. Here’s what it looks like:

Is it a hidden hairstyle? Or is it only available to certain authors?



I think your closest bet is the hairstyle named ‘Long Curly’


That hairstyle actually is Long Curly. For some reason it looks different in character creation than it does in the actual story.


Yeah, I’ve never understood that. Why does it change on the app? I wish we had both tbh.


OMG! I had the exact same issue, and it is super annoying. I asked someone what the hairstlye was, and nothing. I am so glad, because the thread was able to help me out! This answered a question that has been nagging me for a while. Thank you!


Thanks for the suggestion!


Oh, that’s annoying! But thanks for the info!


Glad to be able to help!