Classic has been retired

If I’m not mistaken, Episode has retired Classic, and from what I’ve heard, nobody can preview any Classic characters in the writer’s portal. Now, it’s possible that I could be wrong, but anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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I didn’t hear that too.

I just checked and I can preview my old Classic story and run the code in the preview section, but I can’t see the characters in the character section of the portal. It’s sad to see Classic go but I completely understand. They stopped updating the art catalogue for it years ago and even stopped working on Ink. It’s no surprise that this is happening, but I will miss Classic! I started playing Episode before community stories even existed and Classic was the only available style. I’ll miss it for nostalgia reasons, and I still read Classic stories, but I also love the range in Limelight and am excited to write my future stories using it and read the LL stories of others!


I haven’t read a Classic story in years, nor have I ever written in it, but this is a bummer. I remember the first story I ever read was “The Ember Effect,” a Classic story. That was 2015-ish, back before Limelight was even created and Ink was still regarded as a new innovation. Rest In Peace, Classic 2013-2022!


Aw this is sad to hear if it’s true, Classic was the style that started everything :broken_heart: The end of an era



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I didn’t hear that Classic is no more on Episode :pensive:

Have you checked yourself on the portal to see if its true or not? :thinking:

Well, I did check the portal and from what I can tell you can still select Classic for your characters but from what I’ve heard there’s a bug affecting Classic.

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