Classic has the best stuff

So while I know classic is obsolete, it had some of the best and most realistic animations, awesome clothes, and some of the girls hairstyles were beautiful
It had the best costumes for halloween or mythical creatures,
The best historical outfits for stories involving princesses

Not to mention I could see myself wearing most of the clothes and accessories

I could take screenshots of everything but I’d be here forever
If all of this amazing stuff could come to Limelight it’d be perfect in my opinion


ummmmm i will say that i think they needed more diversity in there hairstyles/skin tone.

Also, personally I didn’t really like the clothes :((

buttttttttt, i do agree with everything else you said !! there animations were good, & had the best historical outfits !

i do think that would be cool to bring classic stuff over to Limelight & just re-draw it. They did same when they took a lot of Limelight clothes and put it over into Limelight.


Oh absolutely about the skin tone and diversity it was actually disgusting

I just mean some of the hairstyles were really pretty, and some of the outfits after the update looked really cool for my personal style I would wear them any way


yea !

& yea i will agree that some of the hairstyles were pretty ! & some of the clothes did actually look good ngl !

I’m gonna have to disagree even though I haven’t seen much of classic. I thought the bodies just looked…weird (the females had such long torsos?) and the animations looked so weird imo.

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I am not talking about the look of the characters though
I am talking about the clothing (on its own without a character), and animations on limelight characters would look awesome

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Yeah, all of the styles has their unique features. I personally don’t like how plastic-like the skin looks, but I agree that the hairstyles and outfits look pretty cool!

I haven’t seen much Classic stuff, but the walking/running animations bug me a lot.

I totally agree! I wish they would add the taking notes animation and note pad prop from INK as well! And some of the INK outfits as well.

it had six skin tones total, they just went with what is basic, skin colours, same for eyes colors, brown blue and green, what is usually basic. and I actually think they had quite a diverse options back then, I get that if you go back from the limelight or even ink it seems as little.








People need to remember, this was where it started, it had lower bouget back then, was something new that had to see how to do and how to make it work. and its amazing how long the art style has come since then

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The animations for classic are actually so much funnier than LL, if only they could convert those vibes into LL it’d be great