Classic. Improve it, dont remove it. (quick rant)

Okay so ever since Ink and Limelight have been released, yes i know, as it states BOLDLY, Classic doesn’t receive anymore updates or new content. Yes i am also aware since the new styles, classic has become very uncommon and you barely ever see any classic stories on shelf. I miss when it was just ALL classic. I’d always go back and re read old but :wink: Classic stories, like Tangled love Classic which has been removed completely and now renewed in ink. :confused: , Love sick, Finding Mr Right, Hell on Wheels, Secret Cedar Hill. But yes, i feel, if episode stopped updating and improving classic style that they will get rid of it, ik people say they dont like how theres very little option for customizing faces, the eyes are weird, like things like that, why cant episode improve those as well as the other styles, i think its unfair for classic writers, i’m sure they would like their style to receive new updates and content, i definitely would. I really hope they dont get rid of classic, i noticed they already added the bubble customization, i tried it on my classic story, i couldnt undo it, it doesnt give you an option to go back to the original speech bubbles which classic had originally, i honestly feel like episode are trying to renew their whole game, replace it with these new and improved styles, excluding classic, that makes me really disappointed, if i woke up the next day and episode got rid of classic style, i’d never create stories again, i cant work in ll or ink, i’ve always preferred classic style and to see it go would be annoying. i wish more people would try classic, yes its old, it appears old and weird, it was the very first and original style episode had, but if you give it a chance, its actually fun. I’ve tried other styles, they are so hard to work with tbh. I just hope episode will start being fair, if they arent going to update it, whats the point in keeping it there? not everyone likes the other styles either.


Lol, I kinda agree with you. Of course, Ink is my fav style…but I like Classic the second best. I don’t like LL and it’s hard to work with (in my opinion). I don’t think Classic is weird, tbh. It was Episode’s original style, it would be quite disappointing if they’d get rid of it. :slightly_frowning_face:


Thanks. Exactly! Yeah the lack of clothes for LL, ik its a recent style, but still. The way they walk too, is so weird, the animations definitely need some work… I like the whole semi - realism though, if they added those ‘bright eyes’ from PLL and TDT it would be much better. I always check for them in the updates, but nope. Ink, i hated, but it grew on me slightly, but in the end i just ended back on Classic, i dont have a problem with it, i can work with it, its just the whole same content thats annnoying, improvements for the style could really do good. Omg they seriously better not, i will cry. :sleepy:

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I understand how it must feel to have your favorite style not be updated or made any improvements on. Ink is my favorite style, so I may be a bit biased here with my views on the classic style, and I apologize.

Personally, classic is a really nostalgic style for me. I think that’s the best way to describe it. When I first joined the episode app — before Ink — before Limelight — there was the classic style and stories like Real Hollywood and Campus Crush (classic). Those were some of the first stories I read on the platform, and therefore I have fond memories of that particular style.

I quit Episode for a while not too long afterwards (nothing dramatic or anything, I just got bored of the platform) — and when I finally redownloaded the app again stories like Demi Lovato: Path to Fame had just been released in the Ink style, and frankly, after that I just felt like classic was inferior to Ink in a way.

I just thought that Ink had a lot cleaner animations, and I liked the simpler, yet sharp style. If there’s one thing I like more better about classic than Ink — is the shading on the characters. Their skin definitely looks a lot more realistic.

Personally, though classic is, well, classic, I find it hard to read stories with that animation nowadays. There are quite a few classic stories that I really recommend, though (I’ll list those later).

I think it would be hard to please everyone if Episode decided to “improve” classic — as that would require changing a lot of things about the characters IMO, such as the eyes, the unpleasant way the hair moves, and the animations.

Though, I’m not completely on board with Episode improving classic for the following reasons above, as well as the fact Episode has made it clear that classic will not be receiving any more updates or improvements — I do support another pro-classic decision that you might be on board with.

Above is a request thread for a “Classic Shelf” on the app. The purpose to this is to put an end to classic fans having to look everywhere for new classic stories to read. This shelf could include only classic stories — to make them easier to find. For example — there could be “Top Classic Stories” and “Trending Classic Stories”. This could also, in a way, help popularize classic as a style, and possibly encourage people to write or read more classic. It could also be majorly encouraging for classic authors who’s stories don’t get noticed.

Anyways, let’s face it — people who write stories in classic, are honestly braver than anyone, and I have a lot of respect to you for creating stories in the classic style — as it is a rarity! And I hope that classic becomes more present around the platform for the classic fans and authors sake :slightly_smiling_face:


Aww thanks!


You’re welcome! It’s a great suggestion and IMO I think it deserves to be spread around :two_hearts:


Yeah exactly, it gets boring, classic got boring thats why i was thinking new updates and improvements would do alot like Im not against the other styles or anything I like that episode has expanded the styles for more choice not everyone likes LL not everyone likes INK not everyone likes CLASSIC. I absolutely love the featured stories like Pitch perfect and dolan twins, but yes thats my point, they barely release any of the good content, like in those stories, which would really make the style’s better, like the ‘bright eyes’ in LL i really like and the better hairstyles on featured stories and clothing and so on, If they dont want to update classic no more, i dont see the purpose in it like, it doesnt get enough use as it did, so i feel that because it isnt as ‘big’ anymore they will get rid of it, bc the other styles are doing better etc, so i just think it would be better if they included classic updates and new content again too, Yessssssssssss, recommend me any classic stories, i 100% agree with the classic shelf too, theres so many stories i cant even remember that were so damn good and worth rereading. :heart_eyes:

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Oh! I’m so sorry, I forgot to add my classic reccomendations in my original post! Here you go: (most of these are quite popular, so apologies if you’ve already read them)
• The Ember Effect by Joseph Evans
• Soulbound by Joseph Evans
•The Phoenix Prophecy by Joseph Evans
•Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M.
•The Teacher (classic and Ink) by Mette M. Peleikis

These are all of the user classic stories that I’ve read and enjoyed, and I hope that you’ll find interest in these stories.

If not, @Lemniscate made a great list of classic story recommendations for people who enjoy that style:

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Thank you I agree I have read lots of great Classic stories that dont even get the love it deserves.


I absolutely adore Classic and it’s my favourite style out of them all. Obviously I would love for there to be more updates to Classic, but I kinda understand that they want to focus on the new styles and stuff. Although, I don’t agree with the point:

Many people still read and write in Classic, so there is a use for it for all of us. They may not update it, but work with what we have and we love doing it. I truly hope they never get rid of Classic, and it would be a really stupid decision if they did because a lot of us still love it and it’s what started Episode in the first place. Also, they are no longer making new things for Ink, they are just releasing the stuff they have, but I highly doubt they would ever delete Ink.

Classic doesn’t get the love it deserves and tbh there’s only a small percentage of people who like it on the forums, but I have find soooo many people on Instagram that adore it too. I wish they did do more with Classic, they exclude it so much that it’s almost upsetting. The Classic shelf would be a big step forward for us and I reaaallly hope they do it. Not just for Classic, but for all the styles (Classic needs it the most though). I’ll shut up now :sweat_smile: also the ‘Classic Story Recommendations’ thread has soooo many suggestions, I highly recommend looking at it :ok_hand:


No sorry i don’t like and and i don’t like limelight too, the girls in limelight are beautiful but the boys are reals boys not men.

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