Classic, Ink, or Limelight?


Hey ya’ll! My name is Dasha, and I just want to talk about the Episode styles.
Do ya’ll like to read Classic, Ink, or Limelight stories? I was just wondering because if I want to write WAY more Episode stories in the future, I want to know your favorite style.
Comment down below what style you like best. Mine is Ink, but I’ll do what the readers like!

  • Dasha :slight_smile:


Well, it depends on what the story is about. But you shouldn’t feel the need to rely on other’s likings and interests, if you want to write something in INK, write it in INK! Want to write it in Limelight? Go ahead! Classic? Sure! It’s entirely up to you, nobody else : )



I will read any style, but my favorite is classic.
I don’t like Limelight very much unless the characters are teenagers, because everyone looks very baby-faced.


Thx for the suggestion, @Res. @Cricket_Master, I agree with you. I don’t really like Limelight as much.


Well, I like it because it looks a lot cleaner, in my opinion. Soothes my soul…



To me INK is still the best. It kind of has that TV animation fell to it (not too real, not too fake). And it has better facial customization to show age.
I find that the movements and animations of LIMELIGHT are just funky to me and not visually appealing. LIMELIGHT has some nice clothing options, but overall not a huge selection of different things.
And I have just always found CLASSIC kind of creepy and weird. Sorry CLASSIC lovers. :purple_heart:

I’ll read either INK or LIMELIGHT, but seldom do I read CLASSIC anymore.


Personally, I love Ink, but if it is a very good story then I’ll read Classic or Limelight.
Too me, I agree with cricket, LL characters (especially males) have such baby faces. It’s hard to have an elderly male LL character, even if you use the older face shape and grey hair.
I have no real problem with Classic. It just looks really weird to me, at least compared to with Ink. Though, if it has a good storyline I will read Classic Episodes.


I never really liked classic to be honest. Ink is my favorite, the animations flow well and I like the way everything looks in that style. I will read stories regardless of it being ink/LL. I’m just not a fan of LL. The animations look a bit weird and so do the characters. LL does have some awesome clothing and props that I wish Ink had. Second trimester shirts and food props anyone?


Although I’ve been playing since classic and Ink, I really like limelight a lot. To me the guys always looked weird/creepy in Ink and classic.


Aha! Another classic lover?! Squee! :smiley:
I’d read anything, but I do love CLASSIC and INK.


I love reading limelight and ink stories :sparkling_heart:


I don’t mind reading either of them, but I like Classic the most :slight_smile:


Ink the best by far limelight is just blah and need more adult faces


I totally agree with you!!


So…everyone pretty much loves Ink. Got it! :grin:


@dasha_author My favorite is Ink as well. I’m okay with the others as well, but Ink is my favorite.


I honestly like Limelight style, however I do believe that if the story is good , no matter what art style it is, I’ll most definitely read it. Also, there’s not many limelight stories that are fully finished. Most of the good limelight stories (at least that I’ve found) don’t have many chapters, but their chapters are long so I guess that makes up for it.


Tbh ik this is bad but I won’t read anything but INK stories, if I click on a story and it’s Limelight, Classic or in spotlight mode I just don’t find it as enjoyable and exit it.


I’m the exact same


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