Classic, Ink, or Limelight?


Cool, thank you :slight_smile:


@CinnamonToast Thank you, that helped quite a bit! It’s a story about a sort of rebellious girl who is in a sort of gang thing, I am leaning towards limelight but as you said, ink is a lot easier to use…


Well, for gangs people usually use ink first. Perhaps that’s a better choice.


Ok thank you, I will see if I get any other comments :slight_smile:


I like both INK and LL but honestly I feel more drawn towards LL because it feels like you can create more diverse characters there. INK can be diverse also, but I guess my problem with most stories written in INK is that everyone uses the same features (eg. button noses for guys, beach wave hair for girls - you get my point I hope) and displays the other features as “ugly”. Hmm, idk if this makes sense but since the majority of the stories written in ink only uses these “cute” characteristics, I actually become really happy when I see stories written with a more diverse cast in INK (happier than if I were to see the same cast in LL just because it’s so hard to find stories like that in INK). I love the outfit options given in INK but LL are currently getting all of these new, cool feautures.

Other than the visual part I think INK is definetely easier to direct. A lot of the LL talking animations are looping, so after each character have spoken you would have to add another animation to show that they aren’t talking anymore. INK talking animations on the other hand often ends with a doable pose and almost none of them are looping, so it’s easier to create dialogue without having to add in other animations in between. If you want to create comedic effects INK is also better, there are lots of hacks to use in INK to achieve a more comedic spin on your story (such as the end of flirt_fingersnap animation to create a “wtf”-face).

I think that you’ll just have to choose what aspects are the most important to you when writing, since both INK and LL has their pros and cons. If you are worried which style your readers would like the most, honestly think you’ll have about the same amount of people supporting your style no matter which one you choose. I hope my post makes sense and is helpful to you, good luck with your story! :revolving_hearts:


Woah! This helped a lot, thank you! I think I might start with ink then and see how that turns out seeing as its easier directing and my first story, and hopefully get onto LL because some of their outfits are so cool - and like you said, you can create a lot of different looks. :heart: :slight_smile:


I like Ink better for the animations. Limelight is good for making diverse and realistic characters.


i actually love limelight, been here since classic! but idk, i never really liked ink (had a typical feeling about it), limelight its pretty good but needs more “adult faces”. i don’t mind reading a story in classic/ink if it really interests me.
btw, now i am reading DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and tbh, it’s such a good story, it’s not like all those episode stories, but it’s actually good! i’d recommend y’all to check it out!

  • INK
  • LL

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Too bad I didn’t vote … However my side still won so :slight_smile:


I don’t get what people have against LL, but I do wish it had more clothes.


Limelight and ink are perfecto


Which is Better Ink or LL, share your opinions


Just curious, do or do you not like LL? and why? I kind of like how it looks realistic and it’s great for writing because there are so many options. What are you opinions?


I feel like I prefer ink because of the visual look of the characters. But with time, I can see myself getting used to LL :blush:


They’re both great styles, but I prefer LL
Mostly because I like how realistic it looks and I like it more cosmetic-wise.


I like both

I like ink because: it’s awesome
I like LL because: I prefer to make LL art


I love LL i prefer it so much more than the classic and ink because the look of the shading on the faces is so beautiful and the realisticallity of it is amazing and there are so many options for them and they altogether go with the stories so much easier and better.


I prefer Limelight, I love the outfits and the character design! The shading is beautiful and the characters look more realistic!


I prefer Limelight since it is more realistic and has a better visual on how I actually wanted my characters to look :slightly_smiling_face: