Classic, Ink, or Limelight?

i only read ink stories. i used to hate ink but now its my favourite. classic is alright but i prefer ink. limelight is horrible

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Seriously though, if LIMELIGHT would somehow get variations in clothing and numerous hairstyles, I think it would surely beat INK and/or CLASSIC one day (It’s damn annoying to make police uniform out of a pilot outfit and not to mention the unavailiability of long dresses/gowns).



I have a hard time immersing myself in a story that uses Limelight. I think their animations and facial expressions look too… dull? dead inside? like they’re missing something? Their eyes just aren’t very expressive.

That said, there was a time when I really didn’t like INK, certainly because I was too used to the Classic style. I really like Limelight’s clothes, so I’ll surely warm up to the characters’ style eventually.


Call me crazy, but I prefer Limelight and Classic over Ink. Ink just doesn’t flow well with me, probably since I use MMD (a 3D animating program), I’ve come to find outlines a problem. Classic was the legacy style, and a lot of my favorites were written with this style. To me, Limelight is a way to bring Classic back while still being new. Ink, to me at least, seems more like a cartoon than an animation style. But that’s just me. If you like Ink, then do Ink; in the end it’s your choice, not mine.


@Starmoji1 That’s an interesting way to put it because I just remember when we got a first glance at how Limelight was like when it was released. To me at first, it seemed like Limelight was a mixture of both the Classic and Ink styles. I felt like they took something from each style (such as details from Classic, animations/clothes from Ink) and made it into one style: Limelight.

Just an interesting observation/theory, but yeah. :slight_smile:

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I guess it is a mixture of both, just more realistic. I just always saw it as an upgraded version of Classic though.

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@anon55976316 Lol, that’s an interesting way to put it. :joy:

I prefer INK and I read some stories in limelight but I don’t really like it. And I hate classic, is strange!!! I just can’t read a story in classic.

In little words I love INK🙂


My fav is Ink. But I like limelight too. :slight_smile:
Classic is something I avoid to read. It`s just weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I prefer limelight version and i dont read another version lol

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Ink hands down

the ink characters are just more aesthetically appealing in my opinion

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Right now, I just prefer stories with the INK style. I’m getting used to the Limelight style. I used to like the Classic style, but now to me, it’s just ugly IMO.

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INK !! Obviously

Honestly, I am on the INK team! I also love there outfits!!! Personally INK is me!! I’m writing my story in that style!!!

Although, I do like some INK animations better than the same limelight animations. I do love INK too so nooooo hate!

I like Limelight the most. Everything is polished, the characters, the outfits, the animations…
INK is ok, but some of the character behaviours really bug me, and when used in a story, can turn every serious situation into comedy.


I honestly prefer Ink.
I think Classic characters look kinda robotic and weird it’s the oldest style after all, Episode has gotten so much better since they first created Classic that’s for sure.
When I joined Episode, Ink was pretty much on fire, there wasn’t LL yet, and Classic was pretty old so Ink was pretty much in charge.

In LL everybody look way too young it’s not realistic, when they started LL there weren’t any mature features at all. (I think there maybe was a little female, I’m actually not sure)

And let’s talk about their movement,

classic characters move like strange looking robots they’re actually kinda creepy so they don’t move smooth at all.

LL characters move too smooth, they look like they were made out of jelly, it looks kinda fake, if Episode tried making LL characters be “better” well, they completely failed their mission.

Ink is actually perfect in that way. Ink characters don’t move too robotic or too smooth they look natural, and honestly, it’s easier for me to work with Ink “outside” of Episode too (Like when making overlays sometimes I need to fill parts and Ink is just easier their skin just goes in like 3 different shades that are really easy to work with while LL looks kinda like “ombre” skin or something like that)


I will only read INK.

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