Classic lovers opinion on Limelight?


I’ve always wondered since the release of limelight, what classic lovers feel about that style. On top of it being it’s ‘own’ style; Episode was aiming for limelight to be a mix between ink & classic. So my questions are the following: Would you read stories in limelight or strictly classic? Do you prefer limelight over ink (or vice-versa) if you had to make a choice? Any reasons for why you like it or don’t?

Personally I love limelight and feel like this style can go so far if Episode keeps working on it but that’s coming from someone who prefers ink/limelight over classic.


I’m Ink all day. But even though Classic tends to look second rate compared to the newer styles, it still holds a place in my heart. Limelight has disappointed me greatly. The style was obviously not finished before they released it and it continues to look incomplete to me now. Even though there are a lot more character trait options, the characters tend to look very young and awkward. LL is not for me. I respect others appreciation and love for the newest art style but I really wish Episode would continue to work on Ink updates as well. Classic will forever be the OG.


I definitely prefer Ink over Limelight. I’ve been working with Ink for three years, and it’s been awsome. Ima bring all the love to Ink! :blush:


All of the styles are unique in their own right. I’ve always felt like Limelight was a mix between Classic and Ink as well.

My number one favorite style is Classic, but I’d read a Limelight story for sure. Why not? The same goes for Ink. I’ll read a story regardless of what style it’s in. Not only would I miss out on so many great stories by not doing that, but also because I enjoy and appreciate the difference between all of the styles. I don’t prefer Limelight over Ink and vice-versa. Like I said, all of the styles have their own unique touch and that’s what makes all of them special. It’s just a matter of preference and opinion at that point and mine’s Classic.

I agree with @RudeInception, that Limelight style feels incomplete in a way. This is obvious since it’s a work-in-progress style, but it feels like something is missing from it that can grant it even more potential. I feel like Classic and Ink had this ‘something’, but not Limelight? I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s just missing something that I can’t put my finger on.

Nevertheless, even though Classic’s my favorite, I still love all of the styles including Limelight. I think it’s has a great amount of potential if it’s handled and developed properly.


Thank you for your responses! I hope episode continues to work on this style and makes it to where everyone enjoys it. I think it has so much potential otherwise.


Just going to make this quick I’m an INK person. I immediately stop reading a story if it’s LL. Classic, nope not reading, I have never liked it. I like clothes, same with LL’s. This Doesn’t Really Go It seems like LL and Classic have Some better clothes than INK, for example there are a bra and panty set for LL and Classic, yet you have swimwear for INK


I read both, but love Ink more. I don’t think I’ll ever write in Limelight, 1 because it lags my computer and 2 because I don’t know it very well. I prefer to read stories that are Ink, and I don’t read classic-styled stories, I just don’t like classic anymore.


I honestly would read a story with whichever style as long as it is an interesting one! I don’t think I prefer INK over LL or vice versa. I am fine with either :slight_smile:


I am, and always will be, a Classic lover. It’s my favourite style and nothing will change that.

To be honest, I don’t believe that Limelight is a mix of ink and classic, it looks quite different to both of them. It is a lot more realistic and I quite like that, but I agree that it’s very incomplete. They still have a lot to add and improve, but I think the Episode Team have made quite a good start. Although, I don’t really think it should be released yet with how much work they still have to do.

I definitely prefer Limelight over Ink. Like I said, I like that it looks more realistic, but I don’t like that all the characters look so young and some of the animations look a bit weird to me. I still like it much more than Ink, though. I never really liked how it looks and I still think it’s a bit incomplete. I find it hard to read Ink too, whereas I can get through Limelight stories. I still prefer the good, old Classics though.

Overall, I think Limelight has a lot of potential and I hope they add a lot more too it :slightly_smiling_face:


Classic is always number one for me lolol.

I hate INK with a burning passion in my heart and soul and I honestly hate when a really good story is in INK, since I don’t like INK. In my opinion, LIMELIGHT is wayyyy better than INK. I just don’t like how LIMELIGHT has the same animations as INK. I don’t really like the INK animations. I think the reason I like LIMELIGHT is because it’s kind of similar to Classic in a way. But, it’s more realistic.

I would read stories in LIMELIGHT and Classic. I read stories in INK, however I do not like the style. I just don’t want to miss out on the story.


I would probably choose Limelight over anything else because when I created myself it looked more like me. So, that’s what I choose, anyone else agree?
:kissing_heart: Tessie


I have tried multiple times to write in Limelight.
Two Spotlight Limelights, 4 normal Limelight, …and they have all failed.
IDK. I just don’'t like it very much even though it has nice hair and clothes.
I will read it though and I’m trying my best to write a Limelight story