Classic not working

I’m trying to write a classic story but for some reason when I go to create a character or outfit, theres no preview that generates. I can’t see the avatar at all, it’s just blank. Does this happen to anyone else?


Meee and some friends of mine told me that episode completely abandoned classic so yhhh

So, I take it that Episode retired Classic.

Yep :frowning:

You could contact the Episode team about it. Maybe, they could help.

I sent in a support ticket.

Ever since Classic stopped being updated, that bug started to happen. When I use to write it in it, the same thing happened to me.

Don’t bother, they not going to fix it, their system doesn’t work with classic anymore since it’s an old style.

ah, thats sad :frowning: i liked the old style much more…

Yh it really is, I kinda hate episode

Trust me, they won’t do anything. Classic is out and have been for a long time

It looks like Episode really retired Classic. Who knows? They might retire Ink next.

Yep and didn’t they do that? I’m pretty sure they stopped updating ink