Classic not working

I’m trying to write a classic story but for some reason when I go to create a character or outfit, theres no preview that generates. I can’t see the avatar at all, it’s just blank. Does this happen to anyone else?


Meee and some friends of mine told me that episode completely abandoned classic so yhhh

So, I take it that Episode retired Classic.

Yep :frowning:

You could contact the Episode team about it. Maybe, they could help.

I sent in a support ticket.

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Ever since Classic stopped being updated, that bug started to happen. When I use to write it in it, the same thing happened to me.

Don’t bother, they not going to fix it, their system doesn’t work with classic anymore since it’s an old style.

ah, thats sad :frowning: i liked the old style much more…

Yh it really is, I kinda hate episode

Trust me, they won’t do anything. Classic is out and have been for a long time

It looks like Episode really retired Classic. Who knows? They might retire Ink next.

Yep and didn’t they do that? I’m pretty sure they stopped updating ink

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It’s so upsetting, i wanted to make a classic story last night, had it planned and everything!! Now i gotta change it the limelight!! i’m a HUGE FAN of classic bc it brings back so many memories for me. Ugh!!! #IHateEpisodeRN!

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Could it be that Episode retired Classic?

I have no idea, i think if they were to retire it then they should make it unavailable in the portal to create characters. do you know what i mean? like why would they annoy people which they know of bc tons of people have put in tickets, i think they should just delete it as a whole instead of keeping it on there and just not working. BC I LOOOOVE classic, classic will always hold my heart over limelight or ink. never even liked ink LMAO.


Classic DOES take longer to load, but it’s still there. You can even create a new story with classic. Rest assure Episode HASN’T retired Classic. I can’t seem to preview but it still works. I’d say it’s a bug. You can still do it but it’ll just take longer and you’ll have to do it by creating a character, previewing the scene and changing accordingly. I know it’s a pain, but it’s better than abandoning classic.
I’ll submit another ticket for sure and get my friends to do otherwise


Go this half-hearted response from email (I won’t mention who it was)
“ Thanks for contacting Episode Support!

We’re sorry to learn you’re experiencing issues with your story written in the Classic writing style. Unfortunately, this writing style is no longer supported. If you wish to continue writing in Classic we would like to encourage you to visit the forums for help in troubleshooting this issue. Otherwise, we recommend writing your story in Limelight.”

I told them I had no intention of writing in limelight and asked if there was somewhere I could click to see all the styles so that I’d know what they’d look like and got this more helpful response (from someone else):

“ Thanks for contacting Episode Support!

The available art styles are Classic, Ink, and Limelight.

You can view clothing by going to clothing

And tapping the Style dropdown:

The art style is chosen at the time when you tap the Characters button to create the very first Character for your brand new story. It can not be changed afterwards.”

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I know it’s really frustrating! It didn’t stop me from writing my story though. It’s called- An Inconvenient Attachment, if anyone wants to check it out! I’ve worked my way with the bugs and got some advice checking out forums so if anyone wants to create a classic story, I’d be really happy to answer any questions! Luckily for me I’ve gotten to memorize the classic hairstyles and most animations so It wasn’t to difficult. The way I look at the characters, animations or styles is by previewing the story from the episode writing portal with the yellow button that says “preview story”. Definitely not the easiest but I have a passion for classic so I’m dealing with working around it!


Yea they stopped updating ink bc the don’t have the right software and all that limelight is the only one that is being updated in the future rn

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