Classic Preview Is Now Working. (Male and Female!)

I went onto my Classic story to edit my characters hair and… the preview works! I heard lots of people say that it was broken. The male one is working too!

Is it working for you guys too or is it just me?


Yeah, it’s finally working again.

The Classic previewer would say ‘Generating Preview’ and never load the characters. The problem has presisted for roughly 4 months. Some time during last week’s update, Episode released a fix for this (unannounced) after so many months of waiting. The only way to preview them before was creating a 3 style story, using the clothing/web previewer, or in the app itself.

Glad it’s fixed now. The Classic clothing previewer for male characters still seems to still be glitched, though.

Strange my preview does not look like this though. And classic preview has always been working fine for mine though

Yes, I’m glad they fixed it :slight_smile: I hope they fix the male character outfit soon.