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Hey Guys,
I am making this because it is a lot harder to find good classic stories anymore. I really don’t like ink or limelight and it seems most of the stories are written with this style. So, I want to create a thread of everyone’s story recommendations. If you read good Classic stories, please comment below. (These are all romance btw :grinning:.)
Like if you agree that good classic stories are really hard to find. :heart:
Some stories I really loved were:
The Dare
Until Death Do Us Part
Complicated Love
Tangled Love (classic)
The Assistant
What’s Your Emergency
Wild Things
Falling For You
Beautiful Destruction

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I miss Classic, who else wants more stories in classic?

I like the idea of this thread. I like ink and limelight but I also like classic. There should be more classic stories. I would recommend theses stories:

Glamanour Heights
The Ember Effect


Yes, it’s true. It’s so hard to find a good stories of Classic. Here is the stories that I would recommend:

Friends with Benefits? (Classic)
Ability to…
MD:Prove Them Wrong!
My Beautiful Teacher
Finding Prince Charming
Finding My Southern Gentleman
Finding New Love
My Beautiful & Mysterious Love
My Jerk Dream
Finding My Ace
The Phoenix Prophecy
The Ember Effect
Being The New Girl (Classic)
Witness Protection
Unexpected Roommate
All Hallows: Astrid
Hold You Down
The Loser
My Bad Boy Protector
Out of the Darkness
Waiting for you
Confusing Love
Only you…
Finding Redemption
Winter Wonderland: Aquaries
Winter: True Love Prevails
Waiting for You (Classic)
Dear Teddy, I Love You
Our fight to love
Beauty Always has a Price
Until Death Do Us Part
Rebounding: Vengeance
The Many Trials of Cocoa
Captivated In The Ballroom
Healing Of The Rivalry
Getting Even (Classic)
Apartment 403


Wow, that’s a long list! thank you.


What can I say? ^^; I love Classic stories :smiley:




Party Girls
Party Girls Rehab
Professor Bunny
30 Days to Find Love
World on a String
Hells verdict


@episode.emma Wonderful! Thank you for creating this thread- this is going to make finding good ol’ Classic stories a lot easier.

And that reminds me… I guess this is a good time to release my own Classic collection that I’ve been working on for a long time! I promised I’d do it about one week ago (@alphard) and I’m a man of my word, so here it is!

It’s still a work in progress. I’m thinking of adding the description and updating the genres (I started this before Episode added the genre to the story cards so I had to use my own judgment on most of them). Most of the stories are old (but are gold), but some of them are relatively new… some of them are relatively short. It wasn’t easy to distinguish between them but I’ll be updating the format soon so it’s more clear.

Regardless, there should be something for everybody. I tried to find as many stories as I could in the Classic style in each genre. There are about 90 stories (which are ranked in no order or fashion by all means) in my catalog so far, but it’d be really cool if others added their findings to it as well if they wish. Please feel free. I hope you guys find this useful. :smiley:

EDIT: Didn’t realize we could put excel-like charts on the forums. But here’s what I’ve started off with:

EDIT 2: I will be working on a new and much improved and detailed Classic collection which will include the description, genres, and maybe even the story cards (and more stories ofc.) But just for now I’ll keep this public so we can all enjoy our Classic favorites. I also made an Ink and Limelight collection too but I’ll be working on just Classic for now. :slight_smile:

Story Name Author Genre No. of Episodes User/Featured Status
Dripping Mascara Genevieve M. Romance/Thriller/Drama/Adventure 132 U C
Human Gina Massaro Sci-Fi 20 U C
Human: No Surrender Gina Massaro Sci-Fi 20 U C
The Phoenix Prophecy Joseph Evans Fantasy 35 U C
The Ember Effect Joseph Evans Fantasy 30 U C
Soulbound Joseph Evans Fantasy 30 U C
Campfire Beth C. Mystery 33 U C
Undercover Juan Avella Action/Mystery 35 U C
Enslaved Mary Galvan Thriller/Drama/Tragedy 30 U N/A
A World Without Men Mary Galvan Sci-Fi 19 U I
The Peacock Heist Asuncion & Rossitto Action/Mystery 15 F C
Always Talk to Strangers Lisa Olsen Action/Mystery 24 U C
Kiss and Kill Mel L. Fantasy/Adventure 43 U N/A
Future: Uncertain Wes Locher Sci-Fi 25 U C
I.N.V.U. Sally I. 44 U C
Quarantined E & H Sci-Fi 25 U C
Penny the Extreme Sarai H. Thriller/Mystery 10 U C
The Teacher Mette M. Peleikis 40 U C
Another’s Life
Tangled Love Classic Noella Mei Romance 32 U N/A
Being The New Girl (CLASSIC) Episode_Bexx 65 U N/A
Venomous (Classic) Hannah D. Action/Mystery 16 U N/A
Dylan Tanner Gregger Action/Mystery 25 U C
Rocket Science Katie S. Sci-Fi 19 U N/A
Uncanny Valley Darren Gelsi 33 F I
Fairytale Therapy Jesse Soursourian 20 F N/A
The Mansion (COMPLETED) lulia Grajdanescu 34 U C
Family Affairs (S1: Complete) Aurizle 30 U C
Dead Inc. Libby Leonard Fantasy 27 U N/A
Gifted Libby Leonard 15 U N/A
Issues - EDITING! PsychoWrites 40 U N/A
The Little Issues PsychoWrites 70 U N/A
Maguire PsychoWrites 16 U N/A
Glamanour Heights gregger 37 F N/A
World on a String R.A. Ross 17 U N/A
Hell’s Verdict R.A. Ross Comedy 18 U C
In A Perfect World Kathryn S. Sci-Fi/Fantasy 31 U C
Hunted J. Bring 25 U N/A
Stranded At Sea Cass Phillipps 21 F C
Super Secret Cedar Hill P.M. Turner Mystery 40 U N/A
Rich Witches Shauna Rubenchrist 54 F N/A
Secret Diamond Club G.Sibley Comedy 19 F N/A
Lovesick Taylor Carlson Comedy 20 F N/A
Party Girls Rachel Maude Comedy 54 F N/A
The Old Maid Adventures ( C ) Jade I. Comedy 13 U N/A
Tortuous Johana Julissa Drama/Tragedy 29 U N/A
Terific Two M.P. 20 U N/A
Other Human Louisa R. 31 U N/A
The President’s Daughter M.A. Carew Action/Adventure/Romance/Drama 31 U C
Rock n Roll Revolution Libby L. Comedy 45 U N/A
Experiment Earth Victoria Masina Sci-Fi I
Dollhouse rachellydia 21 U N/A
Out of the Darkness Freckles 16 U W.I.P.
Ghost in the Halls Gabriela Acevdeo 12 U N/A
Ex-spelled Mia Farmer 15 U N/A
Gemma Halliburton’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse J.C. Isabella 27 U N/A
The Suburbs KM Kreiser 24 U N/A
Fit For A King Kayla Parent 10 U N/A
GRIMM HIGH David Hohl 9 U N/A
True You Jonathan S. 33 U N/A
Luck of the Irish Andrew M. Henderson 18 U N/A
Vacation Island B.W. Swanson 20 U N/A
U R What U Write Wilson Peak 28 U N/A
Confessions Of A Protagonist Dalma G 15 U N/A
The Game Ricky Myron 23 U N/A
My Criminal Guardians Keiragh Grace 17 U N/A
The Exonerated Lisa Defreine 20 U N/A
Cipher Mari Tokuda 15 U N/A
The House of Dreams J.D.Newman 13 U N/A
The Academy Emily Hale 3 U N/A
The Hourglass Senibo Myers 13 U N/A
Celeb Swap (old version Camille. V 34 U N/A
BEACH SUMMER Suz Campbell 3 U N/A
WINDFALL Kate Duer 17 U N/A
Sister Swap Kathryn S. 16 U C
I am potato Derp Master 28 U N/A
Jennie, The Girl Who Used To Be A Pirate Henry M 10 U N/A
Wacky World Mike F. 10 U N/A
Evil Twins Heist Allyssa Hynes 30 U C
sWITCHed Tasha Manning Moore 20 U N/A
Meteoric D.R. Holmes 15 U N/A
Spellbinder John Karnay 8 U N/A
Sabotage Island Byron Burton 20 U N/A
Barbie’s Daily Life Isodle Elpis 14 U C
Area 51 Andy Schmidt 11 U C

Classic. Improve it, dont remove it. (quick rant)

Yes Queen, I am soooooo happy you made this thread and thanks @Lemniscate for coming in clutch with all those stories! Here’s some that I have read that I loved (sorry if they have already been said):

  • Beautiful Destruction by RMM
  • Something About You by Maria D.
  • A Touch of Rain by anastasiavic
  • A New Dawn by Ness
  • Double Trouble by Francesca
  • Until Death Do Us Part by S.A.G
  • Twisted Love by Bexx30
  • You & Me by Kay Smith
  • Between You & Me by Kay Smith
  • Young Love by Kay Smith
  • Getting Even by Ari
  • Complicated Love by - JS
  • 'Til You’re Mine by Hannah
  • Our Gang by May S.
  • Our Fight by May S.
  • Wild Things by Pauggonz
  • Issues by J.Greaves
  • Scar Tissue by J.Greaves
  • Maguire by J.Greaves
  • What I love about you by K.B
  • Unreal by Maysen B.
  • Expelled by ElliseKimberleyy
  • Wrecked by Bezaury
  • The Bad Boy’s Girl by Chloe K.
  • Tortuous by Johanna J.
  • Tangled Love by Noella Mei
  • Rebelled Hearts by K.V
  • Bad Habits Die Hard by Jade
  • The Rich & The Poor by MarieJay
  • The Rich & The Poor 2 by MarieJay
  • Band-aid by PAYTON
  • Grenade by Rose M. R.
  • Falling For You by Emma
  • The Dork (Rewritten) by Opal Lansana
  • Baby doll by Aviana
  • The Devil’s Advocate by Sarah J.
  • Santana by Sarah J.
  • The Dare by B-Bae
  • Reckless by B-Bae
  • Pain Behind the Beautiful Eyes by Merciless Poet
  • My Best Friend’s Brother by Melrose
  • Beauty Always has a Price by Chantelle. M
  • My Baby Girl by roseno x
  • My Bad Boy Protector by Valery G.
  • Opposites Attract by Skai
  • Being The New Girl by Episode_Bexx
  • Tuff and Reluctant by N.J Colin
  • Lovable and Spontaneous by N.J Colin
  • Your Lovely Lover by Maysen B.
  • IT’S COMPLICATED by Victoria&Matt
  • I’m So Confused by Savanna W. (this definitely isn’t my story or anything…)

Some of these are a lot better than others, but it’s what I have saved (so far). I’ll start reading all the ones suggested above once the stupid clothing glitch has been sorted. Does anyone know if it’s been fixed yet? :two_hearts:


thank you for all of these! I’m going to look into them. It’s just so hard to find good classic stories!


Thanks for these recommendations. I reported the clothes glitch, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been fixed yet. I even heard the episode team is ignoring the glitch because they don’t care about classic style anymore, but I have no idea if this is actually true. The glitch is really annoying though.


Is it ok if I make a Google doc containing all the stories that are recommended here? You can then attach that to the main post and it’ll mean easier access to Classic stories for all us Classic readers!

I was actually planning to make this post earlier this week, but I was having a shitty time. Thanks so much!


I don’t mind at all! Could you send the link when your done making it?


You should read Unpopular from siobhan. It is really good!


I’m looking it up right now :slight_smile:


Do you have insta? So, yes I’ll follow you.


yeah, It’s episode.emma and thanks


sorry, there are underscores around it, but it won’t allow me to put that


Hey everyone, I’m just here to bump because why not? ~

Also, the outfit glitch has finally been fixed, if you didn’t already know, which I am very happy about. Also also, what’s everyone’s instagram names? I finally have one :sweat_smile: