Classic story recommendations!

I’m honestly looking for a classic story to read. I’ve read all of the popular stories from previous years and most are unfinished or I’ve completed them. Can some of you fellow classic readers or writers give me some recommendations aha? I’m totally open to reading your stories!!!


Always Talk To Strangers by Lisa Olsen


Ahhh thank you!!!


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Hey everybody!!! To my fellow classic writers, I’d be happy to read your stories! I’m finding it hard to to find any other classic stories because most of them now are incomplete. With that said, leave your story name and your author name and I’ll give it a read :slight_smile: :relieved:


Yesssss Classic!! :heart_eyes:

First, I’d like to recommend my own story, Romance Island (by KylieJay). It’s completed with 19 episodes plus a bonus to see alternate endings, where characters are at years later and bloopers! :grin:

Here’s some other amazing classic stories that I loved reading:
Until Death Do Us Part by Angie (the level of emotion I experienced from simple classic directing is INSANE! This is hands down my favorite classic story EVER.)
Party girls by Rachel Maude (freaking hilarious)
Ugly Cass - from fug to fab by Rachel Maude (This isn’t complete but the couple episodes available are pure gold)
Quarantined by Hannah
Enslaved by Mary
Campus Crush by Tom and Melissa
The Teacher by Mette
Reality Roommates by breanna (not complete though)
Stranded at sea by cass


Fantastical: That Old Wicked Genie Magic by @MidnightMaiden :heart:


Ahhh thank you!!! I’ll give your story a read and I’ll get back to you. YESSS I’ve read Until death do us part and a few others on your list and I loved them. Aha I’m actually re-reading until death do us part right now. Thank you for the other recommendations, I’, definitely going to give them a read :blush: :grin:

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Thank you!!! :relaxed:

You’re welcome!! I’m always on the search for classic stories :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Oh, another good one is Out Of Time by Alvar. You can actually choose what style you want to read the story in (and I chose classic lol)


Thank you so much!!

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I recently done one.

Title: Girl Island: Vanuatu.
Genre: Adventure/comedy.
Style: Classic.
Number of chapters: 15.
Synopsis: Tucker finds himself stranded on a desert island in Vanuatu, surrounded by beautiful women, including the lovely, Toni. Who are they? How did they get here?
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hey! I just released a classic story.
It’s called: An Inconvenient Attachment

If anyone else has a story, I’d be happy to read ! :smile:

I’d love to give it a read! Refreshing to see that there’s still people writing classic stories. I just started writing my own after a long break. I’ll give your story a read later on :slight_smile:

I just finished a few chapters of your story! :grin: It’s so nice to see someone who is familiar with the classic story. I’m happy you’re back, I can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

Oh no :sob: definitely wouldn’t recommend reading my old story. That was more of an experimentation piece and has very poor writing. Really appreciate it though! I’ll start reading your story today :slight_smile:

I totally get it!! :sweat_smile: Thank you so much! :grin: I definitely need to make a better cover. :joy: :joy:

I totally love your story so far! It gives me a sense of nostalgia from old classic stories but still so unique. I can only aspire to have your writing technique :sweat_smile:

Awe thanks so much! Definitely a lot of work but it’s worth it. I’d love to do a collab one day with you sometime! :hugs:

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That would be amazing! Currently working on getting my story published, on the 3rd chapter but nearly finished. I 100% agree, definitely worth it.