Classroom overlays needed

Hello everyone :heartbeat:!
Could anyone be able to make me overlays for the first three rows of chairs and tables for the background ’ INT. CLASSROOM FRONT - DAY’? Since without an overlay I can’t really use the background:

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I haven’t cut out any overlays for that background specifically but I have a classroom on my ko-fi with a similar POV if you’re interested?

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That seems super cool!!! And it would work perfectly for my story… but unfortunately I’m kind of broke :confused:… thanks for the idea though :heartpulse:!

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i’m not sure if this is any good but here it is
i’m not the creator of this overlay
@danielle318 is! so credit is given to her.

@danielle318 if you did not want this posted, i am so sorry and i’ll take it down

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also the two very front desks of that background have an overlay in the episode portal!

INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY is the name (it is listed in backgrounds)

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Thank you so much!! This is very helpful :relaxed:, and thank you @danielle318, would it be possible for me to use it? :revolving_hearts:

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it seems as if she’s suspended her account so I think you can contact her on discord which you can get through the link in her bio.

I don’t have discord unfortunately, I guess I’ll just wait if she answers, thank you for your help!

or you can try this as well! in there are all of the desk overlays for that background.