Classroom script

Can someone please help me with INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY I need characters to be sitting behind the desks like could someone help me with the coding thanks:)

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Do you have the overlays?

no,where do I find the overlays?

I found these Int. classroom front - day overlays

Thanks, do you have a script for it?

I don’t but maybe I can try and help you:)

That would be great but if you cant that alright.

Don’t worry I can, where do you want to place the characters?

like this

but in limelight:)


Okay I will see what I can do:)

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I just realized that those arent all the overlays :expressionless:

lol :rofl: well it’s fine.

Okayy never mindd!! I already found what you need, hope this is the right one Classroom Overlay and Spot Template
Just download the overlays and copypaste :grin:

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ahhh thank you soooo much!!! ive been all day thank you again:))

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It’s nothing!!

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It’s totally something, thank you! international super-spy! i don’t why i put that :rofl:

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Whats your instagram so i can credit you on my story.

Hahhaha :joy: :heart:

Don’t worry about it you dont have to just make sure to give the credits to the one of the post I sent you because she is the creator :grin:

yeah i’ll make sure to give her credit :slight_smile:

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