Classroom that isn't for Math or Detention?


Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone had a version of the classroom background where the chalk board has nothing on it? My character is teaching English in Japan, so neither of those backgrounds really work for her. :yum:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3




here are two I found on google


Oh wow those are so beautiful! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

How would I go about finding these bgs on google? Since this looks like its kinda in the episode style?


Go to google search and put classroom chalkboard background they have a couple of good ones


Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help! <3


You welcome or you can even make one

Something like this example


Whoa, that’s so cool! :heart_eyes:

I tried saving the ones you gave me but it told me that the files wasn’t tall enough? “Images must be at least 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall! Yours was only 640x436”, it said.


Ok let me redo it with the size give me a sec


Oh wow, I would absolutely appreciate that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I am trying the first two but the quality sucks so give me a moment


Is there anyway that I could try to resize the images too? Just in case I get stuck on something like this next time I need something?

this is the website I use


You are 1000000% my hero today! I am trying to finish this chapter as a gift to my friend today, and you’re making all my dreams come true right now. Thank you so so so much! :heartpulse::sparkles:


and this is the site i use to change picture either to an png or jpg


No problem.


This looks fantastic! Really, I appreciate your help today more than I can say. You’re so awesome, thank you so much. :star2:


Thank you It was no problem at all. I am glad to help.