Claw_Catz Art Resources! (Open atm & HIRING)

I would love to join this group
I do free splashes, templates and edited covers and pfps too
I do paid proofreading, custom backgrounds and coding
Let me know if I can join sweetheart



Eum? Did I say something weird?
Will you include paid ones?

I’ll need to work this out tomorow though.

I’d love to join! :))

I can do art, covers, pfps, etc, as well as proofreading, editing, and coding

OMG ok!

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@blue.berrytoast and @Angryybirdd I officaly say that you guys are…

Screenshot 2020-12-01 173509

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@Angryybirdd @blue.berrytoast But before your actually hired, send me some examples.


I don’t have any edits on me right now

Cool! And your hired!

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Stories I have proofread
The Georgia peach and the alpha
Queen of the ATL
LDR Killer Love
LDR A love from Another Star
Finding finneas
Stay forever
The blood order
Forever not mine
Its impenetrable
On the brink
Reveal - To be powerful
Reveal - Freedom
LDR Interdimensional love

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That’s a lot of examples and yes! your hired now.

-Claw_Catz :gem:


Is it okay If I use your examples?

cool, thanks!

Cool sure
Do credit and follow me on IG - _angryybirdd _

I would love to credit you, but i’m sorry I don’t have IG.

Beautiful work :slight_smile:

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Hey. I would like to join!
Here are some examples

Edit (Cover and Sence)

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Cool no problem
Just credit and you can use those

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