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Hey y’all! For you forums-oldies, this thread title may sound familiar to you- there was a version of it on the old forums, and I’ve been talking to some forumers, and I think it’s time to throw out a few more suggestions to just make sure this place is the best it can be. I hate myself for saying ‘new forums, new cleaning!’ but that’s exactly what it is and I couldn’t resist

  1. Limiting our threads. I do not mean to call any person or any RP in particular out. However, I’ve noticed a recent trend of RPs having multiple threads for things related to the same RP. This honestly tends to fill up the section with many threads related to a few RPs. Therefore, I propose that we limit this and try our best to keep it to two threads (signups/actual RP) per RP with the exception of separate sequel RPs [what defines a separate sequel: a) a long dead RP that is being redone. b) an RP for which the creator has planned to have an entirely new plot in a new RP, like with the Orphans series. c) anything that is NOT a plot element of an existing RP or general chat related to it being moved to a new thread]

  2. An RP ‘Godparent’ Program. This suggestion is courtesy of the brilliant @Cam. Pretty much, this would be a program in which old RPers could sign up as mentors, and there would be a form with which to recommend newer RPers as people who might need a mentor. The definitions of ‘old’ and ‘new’ and specific mentor requirements can be quantified later on, but more or less, this would be just having the mentors go through an RP/SG crash course more detailed than our guides provide, teaching them some of the more subtle and unsaid rules, and possibly helping them refine ideas they have or showing them how to find original ideas and sources of RP inspiration.

  3. An actual forreal RP Calendar that is actually upkept. I dropped the ball on this one y’all- the last attempt at a calendar didn’t work out because I proved unable to be able to update it regularly with everything going, and for that, I apologize. However, this suggestion is for a community RP calendar on an editable google doc (owned by a different account than the one that created it obvi in case we have another case of a deleting…frantically tries to think of a cuss word substitute uh…hecker again.). That way, creators could easily input things on their own and change as needed.

  4. A community discussion of our rules. Shoutout to Cam for this one once again. Seriously y’all she’s amazing. Anyway, this would pretty much be a discussion thread with an anonymous google form through which we could suggest community rules and discuss them, obviously only passing and enforcing the ones the majority of RPers agree on.

  5. A set of community created guides to specific RP things. “What am I supposed to say when I approach someone?” “I feel like I ‘bump into characters’ too much.” “How much world building is too much or not enough?” “Where can I find idea inspiration?” Chances are we’ve all asked ourselves these questions before. This would be a suggestion for a set of guides to various small pieces of RPs that individuals or groups of people could take on and list their advice and various dos and don’ts involving the topic in question. Specific topics can be determined by RPer request.

  6. Your input. I’d like to hear other suggestions and thoughts y’all have too- why a certain one of Cam’s/my ideas wouldn’t work out or why they would, your support for or against them, and other ideas we can implement to make this community more organized. Constructive discussion here only please- “I don’t like this idea because —” or “this could be improved by —” as opposed to “I don’t like that idea”

RP Mentorship Program
The Roleplay and Story Game Chat
Start here: Rules to the SG & RP Subcategory
The A Game Talk show

Aww thanks for the mentions! You already know I love your ideas :3
As you know I’m sorting out the details for the mentor program, but I’m gonna wait to see what others have to say.


I agree with the first point. I also quite like the idea of guides to specify things. I think the RP Calendar is a good idea in theory but, like you said, it needs to be upkept. I feel like the Godparent/mentor thing could be a good idea but I feel like it needs a little refining, especially with getting the newer RPers to sign up.


@AwesomeAnon do you think you can repost the How to RP/SG guide in here? I think it would be really useful for a lot of us


Please make sure to keep the official Forum General Rules in mind when creating rules for this sub forum. Thanks, good luck and happy to see the progress ya’ll are making.


Here’s an idea you had from the old forums that I thought we could use:


coughs y’all the likes are cool, but some discussion would be nice, as well as possible volunteers for certain tasks here and there? I’m just gonna casually set up a poll so we can see what, if anything, y’all want from the list.

  • Set of RP/SG Situational Guides
  • The RP Mentor/Godparent Program
  • Discussion thread for RP/SG section rules
  • RP Calendar
  • RP Trigger List
  • Limiting our RP threads

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Bumping this thread up with my opinion:

I was scrolling through the RP/SG section, and I realized I forgot to give my support to this when I initially saw this idea. I like the sound of An RP ‘Godparent’ Program. This will be useful to everyone. The newbies can improve, the oldies will be able to meet and form connects to help others, and everyone will be able to improve on their writing. Hopefully, this idea would attract new roleplayers too, since this program will make the RP/SG seem less intimidating.

Total support! I’m excited to see if/how this idea will turn out! ^-^


I really like the ideas of the RP Trigger List and Mentor Program! And everything else!

The trigger list would definitely allow certain topics to be treated maturely and respectfully without anything disrespectful such as victim shaming to happen. It’s a wonderful idea that could really help with awareness and desensitizing topics!

As for the mentor program, it would be really helpful to newbies in my opinion! It won’t just bring the community together even more but I think it will make us even better when writing. And who knows, maybe the mentors will learn from the newbies as well! <3


Honestly, I think all these ideas would be beneficial to implement. Especially the community created guides, the community discussion of rules and most of all the Mentor/“Godparent” program. It’d be able to help so many people and clean up this Subforum.


Don’t mind me, I’m just bumping this up


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Oh yeah, sense Discussion Thread had most votes, should we start a Discussion Thread?


Thanks for reminding me about that!

Should we make a thread or discuss the rules in the already existing rules thread?


:3 … I love making Discussion Threads huhuhu I would love to make one.


Then you should make one :3

All the rules suggested are in a form in the mentor folder so you should be able to access them


With the amount of new ideas, RPs, SGs, our section is becoming cluttered again. I recommend we implement the RP Calendar to maintain the organization.

We could create the calendar on Google Docs, Google Calender, or any better websites and apps. Instead of risking someone deleting everything like what happened with the archives, I thought the Mentor Board, and everyone who’s trustworthy and interested in helping could receive the permission to manage it. Thoughts, everyone? What can we do to improve the idea? On what app or website should it be created on? Who should manage it?

(By the way, if you haven’t already, vote on the poll, and make your voice heard. Check out what has already been started, like the RP Mentorship Program by @Cam, and DISCUSSION: RP/SG section rules by @FallenAngelNight13. We could use all the help offered to improve our RP/SG community. :3)


As much as I appreciate the likes, could we also have some opinions shared as well?


Sure, I don’t support the Calendar Idea (don’t hate me)

I just feel like if it’s too controlled, and one can’t really predict how much they can RP, like maybe they have a lot of time this week, but not the next.

Plus, new players won’t see the calendar and start one anyway. Then people will sign up for that, I guess we have to tell them. Sorry you can’t make an RP till the 20th.

I’d also like to add, that the RP community goes in waves, and we are currently in a ‘high’ but pretty soon we’ll loose alot of players as summer comes to an end. That will probably be alot of disappointed people who never got to start an RP.