Clear scene changes!

Whenever I try and change scenes and: try to use an overlay or add a transition, it just DOESN’T LOOK CLEAN!!

Here is an example:

&zoom reset
&overlay OVERLAY create
&overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0
&overlay OVERLAY moves to layer 1
&CHAR stands screen center
&CHAR moves to layer 0
&CHAR is animation

When I play the story, there’s a slight pause where things load in, and then the scene starts/transition happens.

Can anyone fix this/help?

Thank you!

their is probably a better way
but what i would do is this

&zoom reset AND cut to zone 1 AND speechbubble reset
&overlay OVERLAY create AND overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 AND overlay OVERLAY moves to layer 1
&CHAR stands screen center AND CHAR moves to layer 0 AND CHAR starts animation

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Thank you so much!

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I hope this works~

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OMG i´m having the same problem too

what if i have mutiple of overlays like 3 or 4

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then you but a & instead of a @

so for example


&overlay LEGOS 1 create
&overlay LEGOS 1 opacity 1
&overlay LEGOS 1 shifts to 25 32 in zone 2
&overlay LEGOS 1 scales to 0.074 0.074
&overlay LEGOS 1 moves to layer 3

&overlay LEGOS 2 create
&overlay LEGOS 2 opacity 1
&overlay LEGOS 2 shifts to 266 121 in zone 1
&overlay LEGOS 2 scales to 0.054 0.054
&overlay LEGOS 2 moves to layer -2

&overlay LEGOS 3 create
&overlay LEGOS 3 opacity 1
&overlay LEGOS 3 shifts to 306 57 in zone 1
&overlay LEGOS 3 scales to 0.233 0.233
&overlay LEGOS 3 moves to layer 0

&overlay LEGOS 4 create
&overlay LEGOS 4 opacity 1
&overlay LEGOS 4 shifts to 317 5 in zone 1
&overlay LEGOS 4 scales to 0.247 0.247
&overlay LEGOS 4 moves to layer 2

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LOL never mind it worked My script is cleaner than ever :ghost:

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Hi guys! Now that everyone figured this out I was wondering how to make a post. I tried looking it up and watching a video but I can’t find the button that is supposed to be there. I am stuck because I am trying to use a template for 2 male LL guys but I get the duplicate error and everything repeats. I would just use 2 different presets but I am doing a template that doesn’t allow cc to eyes skin or hair, which I can only find one of. How do I fix the dupe error but still keep the limited customization? It’s ok if you don’t know, I just really need to post and ask but I can’t figure that out either.

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I dont know if your able to do this… I don’t remember what your allowed to do when you are a new user

how to post

there is a tab in the upper right corner looks like 3 lines
when you click it you should get a list of topic platforms

I click “New”

this is what you should see

Oh ok, thanks for the reply!

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