Clearer Overlay Help

Hi, Episode Forums! I’m in need of some help with this overlay I tried creating myself. (I’m not an editor nor am I an artist…) The overlay turned out to be very blurry when I uploaded it to the portal, and was wondering if anyone could help me make it clearer.

Here’s a screenshot of the overlay from the app view! If you’re able to help me I will drop everything that’s needed below.


Everything needed for the overlay:

(ZONE 2)

Female Pose: The Laugh Giggle Pose Male Pose: Kiss Cheek Pose

I changed the phone overlay since the other one was small compared to episode’s background size

The difference between the two is just that the first one is cropped larger and the second is the full picture :>

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Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your help! I will definitely be crediting you for it as well.