Clearing iphone app cache

It’s been a year since I have a new iphone. I had problems transferring my ID, but Support helped me. Of course I signed out and deleted App from my old iPhone.

This old iPhone is now my son’s. He also downloaded Episode and last time I checked, he was reading without being signed in.

Well today I checked it again and it’s signed in with my ID! :woman_facepalming:t4: I find it extremely odd, since I’m signing to app with my Facebook and on that Iphone Facebook doesn’t have my info, only son’s and he’s signed in. So how can Episode app be signed with my ID??

I deleted app several times, restarted phone, nothing helps. Every time is there my ID. I even signed him to portal with his email, but app still doesn’t allow him to sign in.

I looked through settings and I can’t find anywhere how to clear cache. All I find while googling is how to clear Safari cache, but I don’t want that, I have important things on Safari that I don’t want to lose and those didn’t transfer itself on the new phone, like google and apple do that with passwords.

So what do I do?? How to successfully remove my account from my old iPhone?

And I’m afraid this will mess stories on my new app :disappointed:

If this is a problem for other apps as well and not just episode you need a new apple ID. To do that you basically have to do a format on your phone, but be careful since all of your data will be lost. If the problem only concerns Episode then you need to log out from this account (there is an option in Episode settings) and make a new one, using another email.

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I tried logging out.

Send a support ticket to the team.

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