Clevertimes' Art Shop

hey! are you still open for requests?

Hi, I’m just wondering how my cover is going

i wanna request you when you done

Hi, could you please make me a sound splash? Here’s the form:

Type of splash: Sound
Type of background: Calm/Simple Flower background
Style (Limelight, Ink, Classic): LL
Drawn or regular: Don’t mind
All character details, if any: n/a

Hey! If this is still open and taking requests, I’d love a profile picture from you! (:

The request

Character details: Do tell me if you need more info! I’d say every detail I would want is in the picture I attached, but I can write them down if you want. :blush:


Pose: I personally LOVED the profile pic you made for yourself shown in the examples. So if possible, could I have something like that, but maybe like crossed eyes and a little bit of pizza crumbs on the face. :sweat_smile: Oh and of course, if you don’t want to do something similar to yours (I do understand if you don’t want to, so no pressure) I would gladly take something like the other examples!

Style (Limelight, Ink, Classic}: LL

Drawn or regular: Drawn, please

Type of background: This you could decide, I really have so little artistic abilities and don’t know what might look good. :sweat_smile:

Additional information: If you could add the freckles, it would be nice, but if you don’t want to then no need.

Please, feel no pressure to do this if you don’t want to!
Stay safe! :heart:

Hi, sorry if I’m annoying, but are you still doing my request. its been some weeks now

I think the shop is close. She hasn’t been active for a while.


ahhh I said I’d come back and then I ended up leaving again, my baddd :sob:<3

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it is fine, so you will not do my request

I was wondering If you still take requests?