Cliche and unrealistic stories

I’m so tired of unrealistic and cliche episode stories its so hard to find good original stories :roll_eyes:.

I’m tired of “bad boy” and nerd to queen bee highschool stories and don’t get me started with mafia and teacher and student love stories, and really you got married to a millionaire of some big company and he’s the most popular person ever ? So cliche and overrated.

I would like to read real stories whereby the nerd doesn’t become queen bee but instead still a nerd and she finds some other guy.

When you actually think about it the “nerd to queen bee” stories are messed up. When you were a nerd no one liked you because you were ‘ugly’ including your “bad boy crush” that was probably dating the popular girl in the school, basically when you become beautiful he’s all interested in you and gives you some trash sad backstory of why he was mean to you and its hard for him to trust people some BS like that and then the popular girl is gonna be like “i was jealous of you” or something like that. And all of these stories are so predictable and annoying :roll_eyes:.

Also i hate stories that has “LGBT” in it don’t get me wrong i support lesbians and gay men. But LGBT means lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and transgender.
It seems like people are forgetting the Gay and transgender in LGBT whereby in their stories they only allow you to be a girl and you can be a lesbian but why can’t you choose to be a a boy in the stories and be a gay? I never see that nor i see that the character is a trans. Guys read episode too and it must be frustrating for them only to be a girl all the time.

I would like to see more stories like:

•The nerd stays a nerd and finds another
Realistic guy that isn’t in a mafia or isn’t rich

•Gay Boy stories

•Fantasy stories whereby you aren’t a vampire or werewolf

•Stories with sad endings whereby you don’t get your crush and you aren’t that beautiful

That’s all, let me know what you guys think! :v:


noted! right now i’m writing my story, but next year i’ll start writing lgbt story where mc is male. i have everything planned, i just need to start coding :’)

Sad endings. You should read Meet You At Home. It’s really good.

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You should read “When Love Lies” it’s a pretty sad story tbh

As for LGBT stories for the gay stories read Thin Blue Line the king of sin or I am human all three have a plot with a male who is gay who only Falls for another male. And there are other stories but they’re hard to find that are not your typical cliche stories I like to think mine isn’t I know I’ve read a few others that aren’t but do you have to really look for him because they are few and far between I do agree on that.

That story made cry not even going to lie

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yes! thank you! finally someone that remembers trans people exist :sob: im kinda sad theres virtually no rep for us trans people but also cis people go about repping us the wrong way when they dont have a trans person to look over it, so id rather have no rep than inaccurate rep. but it does suck that people will literally say LGBT and then equate it to “sexuality” in the same sentence, like, did you forget the community isnt just sexuality? is the T invisible at the end? or they’ll use “straight” as the opposite of lgbt :roll_eyes: THERES STRAIGHT TRANS PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY!!

I’m a guy who plays episode and i devour any male mc story i can find lmao. female mcs are cool but its like 85% of the content and its refreshing to play as ‘myself’ sometimes, especially considering that im a trans guy and playing as a guy makes me feel validated i guess.

if you want i can recommend you a list of lgbt+ male mc stories! and i can also share my own story with a gay male mc and it will have a trans character :slight_smile:


Me too!

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You should check out Bound to the Lust Demon. It has s great diversity for the LGBT community including a transgender guy as a love option.


that sounds great, i will read it for sure! fingers crossed that it does the trans character justice :crossed_fingers:


Do you have instagram?

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Do you have insta? :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s all so true… I mean, I’m a straight girl (who supports the community very much, I legit kinda wish I was apart of it but I can’t control my sexuality) but even I’m tired of always playing a straight/ lesbian girl in Episode stories. Like, books for instance, have all kinds of characters (okay, gotta admit I love the gay guys protagonists, idk why, I just love them) and you get to see a story from all kinds of strangers point of views and it’s great. Why should Episode always be: girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, guy, girl, lesbian girl (which is usually overly emphasized ) girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, guy, girl girl , gay guy etc etc etc

And I definitely would wanna read more transgender stories.

There are more sexualities though, the letters are technically LGBTPAQ+ (hope I got it completely right :no_mouth:) you hardly see the extra ones. (pansexual, asexual, queer)


Why is your topic flag? I dojt see anything wrong with it?


yes! marsx.episode :slight_smile:

yes youre right about all of that! representation be like LGbtqia+


Yep, I am so fed up with cliches, it’s really hard to find original stories on Episode (which infinitely overflows with cliche stories) and you have to really look for them.

I especially hate the “nerdy girl gets pretty and gets the asshole bad guy”. Why does that even exist? It’s horrible, let the girl be who she wants to be and maybe not date or actually date a nice guy who isn’t horrible to her and never fucking bullied her or called her names or whatever. I love reading books (I love episode, but books more, ok?) and i actually read some that had nerdy people getting attractive ones without having to change at. all. I don’t know if there are any, but I anyway never read one Episode story (okay, that I can recall, I’ve been playing Episode for like a year, so figures) that had a nerdy, unattractive girl getting a really hot popular guy who’s also nice without having to change at all.

but those kinds of things on Episode are always so terrible (I read some of those, hated them) and I’d like if they just weren’t there.

Honestly, I’d write a really good, non cliche story (lol I’m actually really good at writing) but I can’t really be bothered with learning to code and I have no time (school is slowly killing me)
But I’d love for instance, a story about a person having some sort of a serious problem or conflict and solves it without changing themselves completely or having any kind of romance or doing anything stupidly illegal (sure illegal, but not mafia/ gang/ being underage and sleeping with your teacher etc) I have about a thousand different whole story plots building in my head just from that but yeah, basically, these terrible cliches are so annoying.


I agree to some points but don’t you guys think there’s so much threads about ranting about cliches?


People can’t take my opinion i guess

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I agreeeeeee so much with these lol
I’m actually working on a fantasy story right now :slight_smile: I’ve been planning it for a while now and I think it’s pretty good I just hope it turns out well
And I hate mafia stories
“oMg hE kiLls pEoPle hOw rOmaNtiC”