Cliche and unrealistic stories

yes youre right about all of that! representation be like LGbtqia+


Yep, I am so fed up with cliches, it’s really hard to find original stories on Episode (which infinitely overflows with cliche stories) and you have to really look for them.

I especially hate the “nerdy girl gets pretty and gets the asshole bad guy”. Why does that even exist? It’s horrible, let the girl be who she wants to be and maybe not date or actually date a nice guy who isn’t horrible to her and never fucking bullied her or called her names or whatever. I love reading books (I love episode, but books more, ok?) and i actually read some that had nerdy people getting attractive ones without having to change at. all. I don’t know if there are any, but I anyway never read one Episode story (okay, that I can recall, I’ve been playing Episode for like a year, so figures) that had a nerdy, unattractive girl getting a really hot popular guy who’s also nice without having to change at all.

but those kinds of things on Episode are always so terrible (I read some of those, hated them) and I’d like if they just weren’t there.

Honestly, I’d write a really good, non cliche story (lol I’m actually really good at writing) but I can’t really be bothered with learning to code and I have no time (school is slowly killing me)
But I’d love for instance, a story about a person having some sort of a serious problem or conflict and solves it without changing themselves completely or having any kind of romance or doing anything stupidly illegal (sure illegal, but not mafia/ gang/ being underage and sleeping with your teacher etc) I have about a thousand different whole story plots building in my head just from that but yeah, basically, these terrible cliches are so annoying.


I agree to some points but don’t you guys think there’s so much threads about ranting about cliches?


People can’t take my opinion i guess

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I agreeeeeee so much with these lol
I’m actually working on a fantasy story right now :slight_smile: I’ve been planning it for a while now and I think it’s pretty good I just hope it turns out well
And I hate mafia stories
“oMg hE kiLls pEoPle hOw rOmaNtiC”

lmao cause people are sensitive asf

yeah there are a lot of threads about it but that’s because people are really annoyed about it and want to express their opinion lol

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I wish people could create their own stories with original plots instead of stealing an overused idea and changing it up a little so it’s not full on copied.
Before anybody assumes, I’m not saying I want them to be 100% ORIGINAL. Making a story based on something you’re really interested in is great! I just don’t like when it seems a cliche plot has been copied, pasted and then touched up a bit… sorry if you don’t get what I mean.

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Yikes. Story of my life.

Also, some of your points I disagree with. Don’t get me wrong, some stories can be completely overrated and just an overused storyline, but you need to think of two things when it comes to authors: most authors write using things they can relate to, whether they fantasise about those things, or they’ve experience it themselves. In another thread, someone asked how the LGBT community felt about people writing stories with of the LGBT. Every single person said it was okay, as long as they were represented properly. A lot of authors avoid those topics because they can’t relate to those experiences and can’t completely understand those feelings. Besides, I’ve seen plenty of stories where there are plenty of same-sex relationships as the main characters. Not a lot compared to heterosexual relationships, but still there.
Secondly, there are some authors who just want to follow trends on stories they enjoy most. There is nothing wrong with that, but it will always become repetitive to the reader.

Also, I literally am not sure what to think when you say “stories with sad endings whereby you don’t get your crush and you aren’t that beautiful”. Sure, sad endings would be amazing to see, but I do not believe someone isn’t that beautiful. Beauty cannot be defined simply by not wearing glasses, wearing revealing clothes, etc. Beauty is everything, however most people classify beauty based on their own preferences. Also, who doesn’t want a story where you don’t end up getting the boy/girl, even after your efforts?


Lolol I completely agree. As soon as I saw this, I’m like “are you joking? another one? I thought we covered this in the last three threads?”


I’ve come to the conclusion that majority of episode readers aren’t well …. yeah, so that’s why a lot of stories with terrible grammar, unrealistic plots, and overused clichés do well. Personally I like reading real books so I’m really picky and critical with stories here and it’s definitely a culture shock for me.


Me too! I haven’t read much on episode because I’ve spend some of my spare time reading amazing novels.

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Not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for a cliche story :joy: love me a bad boy :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

ikr it’s at probably at least 100 gang leader/mafia stories on episode lolx

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I know what you mean by gang leader stuff and so I have to be honest I have read a few mafia gang story’s but stopped quite at the big inning but I won’t say no to a story like war dogs

100? More like one thousand lmao😂 Honestly 50% (or More) of the stories I see contains a bad boy or a gang/Mafia

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I just want to say that if I ever get to publish a story and finish it, it shall not have a completely happy ending. Give me sad yet hopeful endings or give me death!

Yes, please. Gay men are unfortunately the main target of homophobia. I should know. I used to be homphobic due to the way I was raised; up to this day, my father and my brother continue to refer to homosexual men pejoratively. Stories about gay men in a setting where either their sexuality is totally normal or they struggle with society are both welcome!

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