Cliche appreciation thread!

Hello everyone! I really like cliches and I think many people like them as well (they usually have many reads so i think many people like them) so I created this thread! Share your favorite cliche stories with a brief explanation and tell us why they stand out from other stories!


Okay! I’ll start:

One of my favorite storylines is enemies to lovers. Usually story starts out with shoving the MC and LI being rivals and hating each other (quite frankly pranks are involved) but as time goes apart they see how close they are to each other and how much they are alike.

I think this stands out more because there’s more character development than others!


Omg I also love cliches and even started to write my own story which starts a bit cliche.

I also love Damaged Goods because it’s just amazing! I was so sad when it ended because I wanted to keep reading but then I found part 2 to the story and now I can’t wait to start reading!

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