Cliche Episode stories


So people always say that they don’t like the cliche type of stories yet they are the most popular stories that get read like the high school or pregnant in high school, the bad boy crush etc what is your opinion?

You can leave comments below on why or why not?

  • I love cliche stories
  • I hate cliche stories

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cliche stories get boring but if they turn cliches around for example slavery white ruled over black the book ‘noughts and crosses’ turned that around blacks ruled over white - which made it something no one has read before making it more interesting. like with good girl x bad boy stories they dont end up together and she chooses a good guy instead to turn the plot on its head if you get what im saying.


Sometimes I love cliche stories, but other times they’re unbearable to read. If it’s well written, nice directing, and the characters are likable, I can enjoy a cliche story a lot. :blush:

Cliche stories have a special place for me though. Tropes and cliches are so safe, sometimes I will read them as a “palate cleanser” after reading a story that just leaves me an emotional mess. :joy:


I like them, and at the same time I don’t. It depends on the specific cliche, I think.

I used to loathe the bad boy cliche until I read some Episode stories. And I was like, I’ll give it a try, and…huh. Not so bad!! I like it a bit, I really do. So I guess you can say it grew on me. And then…it didn’t so much. XD

I LOVE chosen ones. I’m a sucker for a chosen one. IF it’s done well, so…that’s a cliche I will always love, I think.

I do not like love triangles so much. Sometimes, they can be done well, but most of the time I feel like these fall pretty flat.

Dead or absent parent cliche I do not mind. I feel like it doesn’t happen near as often as portrayed, hence why it is cliche, but it is kinda like…I could do with or without it TBH

I can’t think of anymore right now…


I think there’s nothing wrong about cliche stories, as long as they are just cliche but not copies from each other. Normally every story is different in any way. For a long time I’ve only read bad boy stories. If the directing is fine and the author put effort in writing the story, it’s worth reading for me.


I totally understand giving it a different spin so it’s different and it intrigues people


Yeah I feel the same they are amazing when done right but if they aren’t portrayed in the right way it could be disaster


Yeah haha the love triangles I don’t mind I feel like you get to choose who you would want to be with but at the same time it’s sometimes such a hard choice :joy:


I agree I was the same I was always looking for bad boy stories but I’ve read so many I want something different but it’ll always be a favourite when done right


Ookay, I don’t like the cliches where someone that should not be experienced in a particular field does better than someone that’s considered expert. I’m not a huge huge fan of prodigies. I like arcs and stuff.

I usually don’t mind when a character likes someone, and they’re like…no way can you ever be with this person! And then they end up with them. But I would like to see one where they don’t end up with them. Maybe with someone more eligible, less fantasic, but maybe a lot more interesting than on the surface.

Now, I never understood this. Why don’t people still like evil for evil’s sake? I LOVE evil for evil’s sake. Like…demons and stuff. They’re just evil. No feeling, no nothing, just evil. I love that cliche. My favorite probs.

I do not like the cliche that the evil villain (if they aren’t evil for evil’s sake) is either ugly, stupid, especially deviant from what’s considered “normal”.

I do like when the villain is sassy and kinda flamboyant, like Hades in Hercules, for example. That’s done well and it’s funny.

I like adventuring priests or healers, monks, etc.

LOL!! I do like organized thief organizations. I think those are beautiful. XD


Wow that’s very interesting I get where your coming from I actually am writing a story like your second paragraph based on a true story so I hope that will get some readers as it’s not your typical cliche story


OOOH YES! I wanna read. Lemme know when/if it’s published


I will do :grinning: in case I forget it’s called impossible love to you have Instagram you’ll find out there when I publish it follow me at nicole_episodestories


Okay, I think I followed the right account. I’m Nelida. XD


Haha I was worried my story would go down the cliche avenue actually but decided to go the slow burn romance route.

With cliches - when I started reading, I LIVED for cliches but now I find them boring to read.

However, stories with romance, drama and gangs DO appeal to me if the writing is good & is overall an engaging tale. Romance all the way though - I love good chemistry between characters.


Joining the club let us know when you publish @NICOLE94


Yep that’s the one


Well that’s good at least your story was different and got readers, thank you I will :grin:


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