Cliché Episode Stories

Ah… Cliché stories, we’ve all seen them before. These are the most things that annoy me in stories, people make them seem so unrealistic, especially when they’re underage and pretend they’re 18+.
Here are the most annoying things in cliché stories:
1- When a girl and a guy start dating, 5 seconds later, the guy’s ex-girlfriend/fiancee/wife shows up out of no where and turns out to be pregnant, then when they take a DNA test, his ex sleeps with the doctor to make the doctor give the guy fake results.
2-When the MC falls in love with her boyfriend’s brother, what the hell is wrong with her?
3-When the MC is a side chick. Like girl, find a boyfriend… Preferably a single one.
4-When the MC has a bunch of guy friends who she likes and they like her back, then she gets mad when they kiss other girls, but she kisses other guys.
5-When the MC is a teacher and falls in love with a student, or the other way around.
6- When the MC accidentally cheats on her partner. Doesn’t she have any self control?
7-When the MC is a nerd and gets bullied, when her best friend give her a makeover, suddenly all of the boys in school like her, and the bully (mean and popular girl) gets mad because her boyfriend likes the girl, too, and makes a plan with her minions to get revenge on the girl, and then the girl who was a nerd has a sudden change of attitude because of a makeover.
8-When the MC gets cheated on, and her best friend says “Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea”, so the MC gets more than 5 boyfriends.
9-When the mean girl has blonde diva curls. Why is it so overused?
10-When the MC’s bully’s minions become friends with the MC, even though they were bullying her, too.
These are the most things that annoy me about Episode stories, feel free to share the things that annoy you, as well.


Ugh, I 100% agree! All of these things are sooo annoying and people need to stop using them :roll_eyes::joy:

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