Cliche,kinda cliche or not cliche at all?

Should my story be cliche,kinda cliche (so like in the middle), or like not cliche at all?

  • Cliche
  • Kinda Cliche
  • Not cliche at all

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Personally I hate cliche but a lot of people here love reading tired romance stories involving some naive innocent girl getting seduced by a bad boy deviant and getting her pregnant.

yeah…i’m one of those people that don’t like that and i wasn’t even thinking about doing that, i’m most likely going to do like a nice boy not a bad boy but im not sure about the girl.

“Everything is cliche these days” You just make the most out of it.

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It depends on the genre, and the cliches you are using. An example is for romance. I personally dislike the whole bad boy-innocent girl cliche, or the boss and assistant cliche. But it really depends on the genre


I think it would be very hard to write something not cliche at all. Just put your unique spin on it.


I try to stay away from cliches in my stories and think outside the box. Maybe put a spin on the romance. But honestly romance in itself is a giant cliche.

that’s true.

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