Cliché, so sick of it

You probably have read threads before that talk about the same topic but I also wanted to give my opinions

Here’s a list of the most cliché stories you find in Episode :

  • Pregnancies : usually unexpected pregnancies, teen pregnancies etc, I personally have nothing against these stories and I’ve read a lot of them cause they’re really entertaining however, I think they’re really overrated.

  • Falling for gang leaders, bad boys and criminals : this type of stories is sort of new if you’ve been in Episode for long. Honestly, I also read these stories but all I can say is they are too far from reality, I can’t even imagine myself in this kind relationships cause if I were to fall in love I’d choose someone with a clean reputation. And the worst thing about them is that they have a terrible influence on young readers.

  • Teacher, student relationships : they make me sick .

  • Makeovers : In my point of view, they’re the worst I feel like they show people that changing their appearances is the only way to get loved and appreciated which is happening in our societies and is completely true but since I never read one of those I hope they end in a different way than the way I assume they do.

Hopefully, what I said made sense :blush:
If you know any other cliché type of stories feel free to comment down.
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I have glasses and wear a sweater, I’m so ugly.
Fell on the ground, broke her glasses.

Popular boy : Hey cutie. Why don’t I know you ?
Woman in the street : Hey. You should be a model.


:joy:, I totally forgot about it. thank you for this amazing interpretation.


I hate when people wear masquerade masks for there seperate identities I’m like bish how do you not know who it is?


The Clark Kent effect


What is that

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Clark Kent is Superman hidden identity.
When he is just an average man, he wears glasses and OH MAGIC.
Nobody recognize him.


Oh it’s so annoying it’s like miraculous ladybug and cat noir




The makeover cliché has always annoyed me. I hate that the people who "need " a makeover wear glasses, and have their hair in ponytails. What message is this sending out to young people? That all these features and necessities like glasses make you undesirable? That people will only notice you if you change everything that makes you you? That you shouldn’t be happy with how you are if others are not happy with it?

Probably one of the worst plot line clichés to ever have been invented :roll_eyes:


I know right!!!

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Oh, I also hate step- father/brother/sister/mother stories. Wanting to sleep with your step family is not cool, it’s worrying.


I’m the sexiest glasses person. That’s it.
I rock my Ray ban.
If I don’t like you I just have to take off my glasses and I don’t see your annoying face anymore. It’s a super power.


I know it really doesn’t help kids with the not desirable qualities to feel insecure which can lead to depression and wanting to blend in with society so they change thereselves for it people should be themselves.

It’s really annoying as everyone’s really shocked and has different reactions of mean girls being hatred towards the girl and thinks they don’t know the person who had the makeover. THE boy also falls in love with the girl afterwards like wth


:joy::joy: I know same for second cousins


Yeah, I just realized I forgot a lot of other cliches


I know, basically these stories say that if you don’t look how people want you to look, nobody will want you :triumph:


Another one in fantasy is a girl that is a werewolf that’s has been abused her whole life and escapes, goes into another packs territory and the alphas son is her mate so cliche :expressionless:


I know it makes me want to scream I actually screamed before and my family was like what’s wrong


Y’all forget the main thing.

Girl walking on street. She is a senior in a new school.

Bad boy/ popular boy/male breathing : OMG, there’s just something about her. I never saw a girl like her.

Thirsty guy : Hey you. I wanna know everything about you.

Girl : lol Who are you ?

Thirsty guy : I’m the popular player. But I will be faithfull to YOU because you’re so DIFFERENT. You’re not like most girls.

Mean girl : HE’S MINE.

Girl : But he just said he’s a player, maybe he’s cheating on you with your Mom, who knows. Have some self-respect

Mean girl : bish if I say he’s mine it means he’s mine.

Girl : Yeah I’m out.