Cliche stories Ranting Thread


Ok, we’ve all read cliche episode stories before…
Now with that established list good Cliche stories/ideas or bad ones
cough cough* featured stories cough and gem choices :gem:


Hmm, a good sort of cliche story for me, is the New Girl, which seems like such a typical answer but tbh, it’s so cutely weird word directed, idk I just really like Saige’s directing :joy:


Love that story! :grin:


I think another good story that’s sort of cliche is Body Tangle!


I’ve heard of it! I’ll read it sometime soon (I really like the cover art lol)


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Is the shaw brothers cliche too?


Yeah, The New Girl and Bad for My Heart are cliche stories that you still kinda like anyway. LOL


Me three :grimacing:


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