Cliche stories will be the death of me


Fr tho. I cry every time I see this stuff

“Bad boy this. Bad boy that.”

I can’t even read that without the image of scoulding a dog.


Wish episode would stop endorsing and romanticizing abusive drug using “bad boy” stories.
Legit want to make a story called “pregnant by the good boy” out of spite.
No originality. Wish there was more “thinking outside the box” and realism to these stories.
Same with gang related stories.
People who are abusive and use drugs aren’t super hot gang leaders or bad boys. They’re people who genuinely need help and it shouldn’t be romanticized.


I’m low key down to read “Pregannt by the Good Boy”, the characters would be named something average like Tom and Sara, the couple doesn’t end up together because their relationship was forced by circumstance and when they actually get to know each other they realize they don’t belong together and a separate but stable coparenting relationship is much better for their child than the drama of two strangers with nothing in common trying to make it work. Sounds like a hit.


It would probably only be like 2 episodes long because it isn’t filled with cheating, petty drama, and bad decisions.


Oh yea and the cliche-ness of high school stories. There’s this pretty mean girl- god, sometimes I wish you could see the MEAN GIRL’s side of the story, and realise that she’s the only NORMAL character and everyone else is just super crazy. I’m kinda making that story :rofl:


I used to looove Episode stories, honestly you can find a lot of better stories on the users section. To avoid the whole “pregnant by the bad boy” stories go to other genres apart from romance. The mystery one is pretty cool.


Bad boy bad boy whatcha gonna do when they come for you


I really hate how corny romance stories somehow end up in the adventure/horror/mystery section


Side note, what is the appeal in naming stories “Pregant by…” or have “Bad boy” in it? It sounds so blunt and, excuse me for lack of better word, distasteful (as in it leaves a bad taste when saying it, I don’t know how to describe but hope y’all understand my point.) :sweat_smile: Like, the title is the first thing next to cover that people notice about your story.


Honestly out of all the Episode Originals I hate Troublemaker the most because the storyline is trash and the directing is shit


ha ha ha


Yeah, that’s pretty annoying. But there are some stories that are just AMAZING!
My two personal favorites are:
Porcelain by @Rahatul
Jamie & I by @claudie.v

Those two are my favorites in the whole platform.


Ok, I know everyone hates cliches. But if a comedy story, parodies and exaggerates this cliches, it’s still annoying??
I’m writing a story that literally parodies every Episode cliché I’ve read (bad boys, pregnancy, hot teachers, mafia, bla bla bla). It over exaggerates this clichés and make them look ridiculous.
Is that still wrong?


No. My point is, people who romanticize abuse and revolve their stories around ridiculous unrealitic tropes is stupid.
Making fun of them and exaggerating them for a comedic manner is alright. I’m doing the same thing.


I know right! I look up a comedy and all their is, is “taming the bad boy,” and “revenge on bad boy ex”.
Comedy is more than a cliche story with a few goofy side quirks (aka the Kpop dance)
I’m writing a comedy myself and I’m sure as hell avoiding those tropes


Omg yesssss. I’m writing a comedy too and it’s so easy to not include dumb things like that into the story.


hahahahaha the K pop dance. EVERYONE INCLUDES THAT SAME THING!!




God, I’m so bored of these stories. I don’t understand how they are always getting featured and how they are so popular…like, how are people reading them?? On a better note though, I quite appreciate my queen Shane making an appearance :joy::ok_hand:


Troublemaker was terrible