Cliche stories will be the death of me


I haven’t been around as long as some other individuals in the community. But holy crap, these cliche stories are absolutely killing me at this point. “Bad Boy” this, “pregnant by x” that, “mafia/gang love” this too… it’s just like there’s no variety in the stories. So many follow cliches, and it’s just getting so boring at this point. I pretty much am sticking to the mystery/thriller/horror genre, because there are less of those cliches in there. I’m writing a mystery/thriller story right now, and trying to avoid all cliches as possible. I’ve had to change things about my story to avoid having cliches. I think it’s for the better, as the cliche’s are waaaaay overused. There just needs to be something original, and devoid of cliches, or as many as you can possibly avoid. Here’s to hoping.

I do just want to say real quick that I hate complaining. But my goodness, I just want to read a unique and original story for once, not cliche story that there are far too many of already.


Yeah, there’s even some instances where they’ll put bad boy and gang stories in thriller, comedy, and fantasy genres. There’s no escape


Sadly. But there are less of them there, so your chances for a good story that isn’t cliche go up.


I want to break the like button on this one.



I saved this thread, ok


I simply don’t really like cliche stories unless an author spices them up a bit, but that’s what Episode likes. I do even read featured stories because one they are cliche, and two, the authors that wrote them are top authors. I’m not hating on top authors, but I feel like they could maybe write an original story with Episode. Everytime I open the episode app, I see a lot of cliche stories, and I’m sick of it.


Troublemaker is a mess. I seriously want to do a live reading video of it just to make fun of how ridiculous that story is.


I thought Troublemaker was a good story based on people’s opinions about it.


It depends on what kind of stories people are into, I guess. I haven’t read much of it, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. :slight_smile:


I actually don’t mind tropes like this. I read fiction as an escape, so I’m more willing to overlook problematic aspects. I actually like stuff when it has some unrealistic romanticism of dark themes.

That being said, stories like this usually don’t have enough nuance or creativity behind them, so I get bored easily. I don’t like the tropes for the sake of tropes – I like them a lot more when they’re used as an excuse to develop and explore character dynamics. I don’t care hot this dude is, if he’s a jerk without any interesting and unique motivations or qualities I don’t want to read his story lol!