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This is simply my opinion on these stories. I’ve been seeing a lot of topics and threads on these, just as I came here. Honestly, I just wanna say please stop saying these stories are bad, and coming for the authors. There’s nothing wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with vampires or wolves. There’s nothing wrong with mafia, cause it’s just a story. Yeah, it’s just a story. R you gonna get so worked up over a mere story? Like geez chill. Teacherxstudent relationships aren’t bad. Wanna know why? If it were out of the school, no one will talk. Heck, I have seen 67 year old men dating 19 year old girls, yet did anyone say anything? No.

So please, leave those stories alone. Please. Thank you.

Don’t hate on me, this is just my opinion



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Look, no one said anyone should go for the author. Yeah, they’ve worked hard on their story, and you should atleast respect them for that. Yeah, I know that. However-

The mafia is really wrong. Really. Do you even know half of what they do? They’re rapists, murderers, kidnappers, all sorts. So please don’t say there’s nothing wrong with it, when in reality, there’s a lot. It’s not just a story. It honestly annoys me so much when people say this. When I was 12, I dreamed of a mafia boss coming to whisk me away into a sick happy ever after. Don’t you see how wrong that is? Stories have impact on people. So being the 12 y/o that I was, I simply saw a story that had millions of reads, read it, and formed some messed up fantasy world where the mafia is alright. They abuse they’re women, if you didn’t know. At least that’s how the stories portray it. The women are merely better than slaves, and if you think a woman will change the thinking of a criminal just because “he fell in love with her,” then, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, wake up. See the real world. If that was so true than police officers would just bring a woman to a criminal and everyone would be happy. It’s unrealistic. It’s sick. Its just plain sad how you can say there’s nothing wrong with it.

Now, teachersxstudents is now ok? That is taking advantage of a young person who you’re supposed to be teaching, not having intimate relationships with. It’s messed up,ok? How can you say a teacher taking advantage of their student is alright? It’s not. It’s sad. It makes me wanna cry honestly. It disgusts me.

Let me ask you a question. If someone said something racist or homophobic in a story, would that be ok? Would you just sit there and say “doobidoobidoo. It’s jUsT a sToRy. It doesn’t matter that it might hurt someone. Stories don’t even matter”? Well, I wouldn’t. I won’t attack the author, but I sure as hell would go up to them and confront them.
It’s completely different if you have a certain preference. Yes, leave the author. You don’t like romance, yeah, don’t read it. Oh, but you see a story glorifying abusive men, then, respectfully, I think you’d have a right to question it.

So no, I will not leave those stories alone. I will keep on speaking my mind, hoping that these tropes will fade away.


I decided to share my opinion too about this since I have nothing else to do… :sweat_smile:

Personally, it depends on what kind of cliches is being portrayed if whether or not it deserves all the criticism. The app is filled with many teens, which is the age where they learn what are right and wrong based from their surroundings and environment. Because of this, they may see the teacher-student relationships as “normal”. The same goes for romanticising mafia leaders and gang leaders as well as some other bad-influenced cliches which is NOT okay.

On the contrary, cliches like love triangles CAN be acceptable as it can’t have a bad influence on them.

:exclamation: No hate was intended in this post :exclamation:


I’m sick of seeing topics like this.

Once again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with vampire stories. I love vampires, they’re so interesting. But when you take a 500 year old adult whose been alive for 5 centuries and pair them with a 17 year old minor, that’s when issues arise. If you don’t see a problem with this then that’s your problem.

The mafia is literally full of murderers and rapists. Why would you bring something like that into a children’s app and try to make it all romantic? That’s exactly what these authors are doing and I’m sick of it.

Stop defending stories about teacher student relationships. I don’t have one single reason why it would be ok to write about that on this app. It’s makes me so uncomfortable and I’m sure it makes other teens uncomfortable too. Why do we have to sexualise a teens relationship with their teacher? It’s perverted. I don’t care if you say, “iTs Ok BeCaUsE tHe StUdEnT iS eIgHtEeN”, it’s still grooming and an abuse of power. This teacher has likely been an adult for years but this eighteen year old has only, LEGALLY, been an adult for a few months. They are NOT on the same maturity level!

And for those saying “it’s just a story”, what if I wrote a story about a 40 year old man that looked like this:

In a relationship with a 17 year old. Would you be as quick to defend me as you are with the other authors?


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Please stop being rude

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