Cliches We Hate to Love

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Mc with a blank canvas - For an episode story, I kinda like the mc to have a blank canvas. Obviously I would get bored if the author didn’t gave the mc any personality on its own, but I really like to interpret my character in my own way through the choices, and not feel like what I am choosing is untrue to the character.

That hype best friend. - I think we all know her. She appears in almost every story, she probably eats tacos and pizza for breakfast and she is always there to cheer you up by telling jokes and to remind you of her own failing life. The relationship between her and mc is usually really wholesome, and she always makes sure to brighten up the mood then things get tough. No matter how many stories I see with this type of character, it always brings some joy to the story.

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I definitely love that best friend unless they’re too hype because it can get so annoying lol