Click here and help small authors promote their stories! (small authors this is a must-see topic)

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This would be very helpful for the small authors
As I small episode community author, I really know the struggle to get more reads, and the ways you gain the reads (r4r, s4s etc). So, I came up with an idea, that will help a little bit to promote the stories on the right places, to the right people. I created a survey on google forms, which includes questions about readers’ preferences about the episode stories.
Link to the survey ->
I would be really grateful if you spare a couple of minutes of your precious time to fill this survey!
If you want to get the results as soon as the survey reaches enough respondents, dm me on instagram @ivanaxo.episode , or simply write me in inbox here
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Hi Ivana! I just completed the survey and I admit I’m also a small author who kind of struggles to get reads. But I try not to feel like the reads are more important than the stories I write which they aren’t. I just feel really good when people take the time to read my stories and give out their opinions and suggestions on them because they really help!:blush: