**click here plzzz i need a cover**

Hey everyone! I’ve started my story, “Bad Blood”
The small cover was created by the super amazing and awesome, and talented, and amazing, and talented, @jizhg

This Is My Small Cover!


If you can create a large cover as amazing as that, then feel free to PM me with your examples! If I like them I’ll give you the character details! Thanks baes, :kissing_heart:


I hope you find what you’re looking for and am excited for your wonderful story to come out :heart_eyes:
P.S I will try to be your first reader :smirk::sparkling_heart:

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Oh ma queen would love to check out your story!


Hi I’m making one can I post it in about an hour for you to see

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Aw thanks Jem! :heart: :blush:

Yes you can babe! :kissing_heart:

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