Clicking on clothing

In some stories I have read recently, there was an option to click on clothes that were up on screen and your character would put them on rather than clicking options and trying every outfit on.
Does anyone know how to do this?
Thank you

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hi thank you!
do you know how to create a clothing overlay?

Sadly, my artistic abilities aren’t the best and while i haven’t seen this in stories, what i can say is you can either create a person with no features except for face with an outfit on, place them on a white background, screenshot it by hiding elements of debug on the mobile app previewer, take out the background area using LunaPic Transparent, making it transparent and then upload it into overlays section or check out the specific clothing in the clothing section on the portal and download them.

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go to Art Catalog ----> Clothing

Pick up the style you write in and find clothing you want to use and click on the picture and Save image as they all be in PNG already :slight_smile:


@bruce please let us know if this answered your question. Thanks :smiley:

it did! thank you!

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @Apes