CliffHangers for new story!

What is a good cliffhanger? Any ideas???

It depends on what kind of story tou have.

Depends on the genre you’re writing in! Do you have an idea? It would help narrow it down.

Well short summary for my first episode.

The character Eliana is a actress I basically introduce her life and her job and her bestfriend’s boyfriend who didn’t know that was is the co worker she has to kiss in a scene and so the bestfriend walks in.

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Her best friend is approchung then suddenly Elliana notice her . It zoom to Elliana she’s in shock and (cricket sounds) . Narrator how will Elliana handle the situation .

Thank you!

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I thought of one…
Similar to TheLynxx’s they kiss, and the camera zooms up on them, then we cut to a different part of the room the door, where you see the best friend walk in, shocked. I wouldn’t put “How would Ellianan handle the situation?” Because I feel like a lot of authors already use that. Maybe describe the kiss too, maybe she could be a really good actor so while she’s kissing she’s thinking how much she “loves” him, so you can trick the reader into thinking that she actually does like them (quality acting), and then the best friend walks in, and the scene ends there… The readers would be concerned for the best friend, so it would be a good cliff hanger.

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