Climbing a tree animation?

How to show my character is climbing a tree?
Because I don’t think the climbing animation has been released yet…
Please help me ! :pleading_face:

I mean, u could spot direct them moving up the tree doing to hug animation of something…:white_heart:


I agree!

You can script it like:

&CHARACTER spot bottom of tree
@CHARACTER walks to spot top of tree in 4 AND CHARACTER is hug_rear AND CHARACTER faces opposite direction

You won’t have an animation that shows the arms and legs moving.
I would probably spot them at the bottom, then zoom into the top half and say something like “I can’t wait to see the view…” whatever.
Then have them face rear and maybe climbing with the rear tinker animation? Then zoom to feet and show the stairs animation?
Then zoom out when they reach the top.
Idk. You’d have to play with it and see what looks good.

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