Clive City's Beverly High - Official Roleplay Thread


Ah, don’t you just love the stunning view atop of Mount Tina? The view from atop shows exactly what Clive City is! Its crowded sidewalks, stunning structures, luxurious homes and shopping malls, and the many job opportunities! All of those factors made up what Clive City is. Well, not really. I’m talking about the students who attend Clive City’s one and only: Beverly High.

Beverly High is Clive City’s top high school. It’s where all the rich kids go, and some of them can be rather spoiled. If you’re just about lucky, they may have given you a scholarship, but that may be impossible for a lower class. Anyone who’s just about anyone, is always invited to Bethany Willows’ Friday night parties, and that’s where drama always unfolds. Your principal, Mr. Thompson, has been acting rather strange, too. He’s been making random school projects, and has been on the phone quite alot then to be at Monday Morning Assemblies.

Will you unfold the mystery of Mr Thompson’s doings with your fellow students at Beverly High?

The Students of Beverly High:

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Rhiannon Le’Dan (@ReeceandBecca) - :green_heart:
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Adilyn Walker (@epi.alyssaa aka me) - :green_heart:
Paris (@epi.alyssaa aka me) - :green_heart:
Peyton Wilson (@allyy20) - :green_heart:
Ky Lily (@Caticorn) - :green_heart:
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Bethany Willows (@allyy20) - :green_heart:
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  1. Absolutely, no cussing in sight. All curse words should be hidden using asterisks (*s) or hidden using the Blur Spoiler feature on the forums. If I see anyone cussing without these censors, they will be banned for 2-7 days.

  2. All responses can be as long as you’d like.

  3. Sex scenes are not allowed,

  4. Do not control the bell schedule on your own. If you do this, I will ban you for three days. Making the bell ring is my job.

  5. After school, you are free to do whatever you’d like (except on Fridays for the Willows’ big party).

  6. Make sure to include where your character is and who they are with in your posts!

  7. You must be active for this roleplay. If you have an unannounced absence, I will put your character up for adoption.

The Faceclaims.
The Signup Thread.

I hope we can enjoy this roleplay together!


Andrew Walker

He tossed and turned in his bed and groaned. I don’t wanna go to school, he thought, but he really did. The sports, the clubs, the subjects, the everything about high school made him wanna go back. He suddenly sat up in his bed, then checked his alarm clock. It was precisely 6:56 .About an hour until school started. His eyes widened and he quickly dashed out of bed. He headed straight for the bathroom, brushed his teeth, then went straight back to his room. He remembered about his sister, Adilyn, and woke her up too. He went back to his room to change into his outfit for the day.
He rushed down the stairs and quickly ate his breakfast, so he could get straight into the car. He grabbed his car keys and headed to the garage, waiting for Adilyn.

Adilyn Walker

Adilyn was having such a cozy and peaceful sleep, until a disruptive knock came to her door. She tried rolling off of her bed, but ended up falling off of it soon after, which had awakened her. She stood up from the floor and dusted herself off, making sure she hadn’t gotten any germs on her new pajamas. She looked through her closet to look for the matching outfit she would be wearing with her two best friends, Peyton and Bethany. She finally found her outfit and changed into it. What happened is that Adilyn would be wearing a blue version of the outfit, Bethany would wear a pink version of the outfit, and Peyton would wear a purple version of the outfit. Adilyn also did her hair to match with Peyton and Bethany. She walked down the stairs to eat breakfast, taking her time, unlike Andrew, who was already running out to the car. She brushed her teeth and then walked to the car to meet up with Andrew.

Andrew and Adilyn Walker

Andrew looked at Adilyn as she entered the car."Hey, Adi, ready to go?"He said, picking up his keys. She nodded at him and he pulled out of the driveway, making their way to school. It was a ten minute drive to Beverly High, due to the fact that they lived surprisingly close to the school. They finally reached the school and they parted ways.

Adilyn Walker

She dashed into the school, looking around at the many people around her. She sprinted to her locker, greeting hello to the many people waving at her. She finally reached her locker, taking out the many things in there.

ORP: Adilyn is approachable!

Andrew Walker

He watched as Adilyn dashed into the school. He started sprinting to the bulletin, but then bumped into somebody.

ORP: @allyy20


ORP:@epi.alyssaa, how long is an unannounced absence?


ORP: A week.


Eve Everdeen
Ugh, why today? She thought as she slowly got out of bed. She checked her alarm clock- it said 7:45. Oh shit! School starts at 8:00! After she finished getting ready in her new dress , she jumped in her car and speeded to school.When Eve got to school, there were huge crowds of people everywhere. She saw Adilyn Walker dash in, just like she should be doing. She ran to her locker and started putting things away.
ORP: approachable


Ky Lily
Ky buried her face in her pillow as her alarm went off. It’s too early. She thought. Why does school have to start so early in the morning? She rolled out of bed and looked in the mirror. Her light purple-grey hair was lying flat, matted against her face. She walked, sleepily, into her bathroom and got ready for school. When she got downstairs, she quickly went outside to be driven to school. When she arrived at school, she went to her locker.
ORP: Approachable


ORP: Okay. I will be on vacation from Friday June 29 to July 6.


Eve Everdeen
Eve had nothing better to do, so she decide- why not make some friends? So, she went to the first person she could find- Ky Lily. I had heard about her. Eve thought. I think she won some music competition. Eve walked up to Ky, slowly, but not in a weird way. _“Uh, hi! I’m Eve Everdeen- I’m new here!”_She said to Ky.


Ky Lily
Ky smiled at Eve. “Aw, you’re new? What year are you in?” She said in her signature silky tone. Then she giggled. “Kon’nichiwa. Je m’appelle Ky Lily. I’m a junior.” She likes to show off that she was bilingual. Anyway, this girl amused her and she knew she would have fun with her. Maybe Peyton will join in. She thought.


Eve Everdeen
So she’s bilingual. Who would of thought? Eve wondered. “I’m a senior, Nothing like being new and a senior!” Eve laughed. Eve had never had that many friends, just a few close ones, so she hoped to be brave and try to get more this year. I wonder who Ky’s friends are? @Caticorn


Aspen Woods

I will never get sleep… She groaned, and placed her pillow over her head. Theres no point in hiding, I’ll have to go anyway… she sighed, as she reached her arm out to hit snooze on her alarm. It was 7:30 AM. She sat up, noticing her Mac Book Pro, on the edge of her bed. She rolled her eyes, I fell asleep watching Vampire Diaries again…. she shut her computer, and placed it on her nightstand. She then flopped out of bed slowly, and headed to get changed out of her flannel shorts and her oversized sweatshirt. She changed into this outfit and untied the messy bun that was set on her dirty blond hair. She headed to the kitchen, and yelled, “Morning mom, morning dad!”
No response… It was no suprise, her parents hadn’t responded. She sighed, At least I tried…
She walked up to the fridge, and poured herself a cup of orange juice, and then ran to her car.

15 Minutes Later…

She pulled into the school, and stepped out of her car. She walked inside of school, and headed for her locker. Another year…lets see what happens.

ORP: Approachable!


Ky Lily
She laughed a silky chuckle “I wouldn’t know, would I? I’ve attended Beverly High since freshman year. My parents only want the best education for me.” She smiled. “What classes do you have?” If I have at least one class with this girl, I can get the scoop on her She thought.


Eve Everdeen
“I have, (and they’re in this order,) Cheer, English, Science, Art, Math And Social Studies. What about you?” She asked Ky. She seems pretty cool. She looks like she might take art, too… Eve Thought. "Hey, who’s
that? " Eve asked as she pointed to Aspen Woods. @Alexwrites @Caticorn


ORP: I’m going to bed in 5 mins


Ky Lily
“I have Math, English, Swimming, Science, Drama, and Social studies.” Then she turns around, looking at the girl Eve pointed to. “Oh, that’s Aspen Woods. I’ve eaten lunch with her before. She’s friendly. Not really my type.”
ORP: Me too


Eve Everdeen
“Huh. Ok, so we have two classes together! That’s great!” Eve exclaimed, glad she would have somebody to talk to. “We should probably get to class soon, huh?” Eve asks as she checks the clock. It was almost 8, the time class started.
ORP: Let’s finish this up. And don’t say that bell ring or something cause we’re not allowed.


Waylon Taylor

Waylon opened one eye to snooze his alarm. Once it went off five minutes later, he did it again. It was only when his mother came in and yelled at him that he realised he was supposed to get up. He rushed around, grabbing some black jeans and a sleeved denim shirt. He only had one of his high top chuck taylors on as he hopped into his mother’s car. He had his own, but she had offered to bring him there. He sat looking out the window before he arrived at school. In a hurry, he rushed inside. 'Late on the first day makes a bad impression. Damn.’ He thought.

He is approachable.


Ky Lily
“Yeah, I guess. We have different first period classes, so see you in English, Eve” She said, trying to sound more excited than she actually was. “It’s almost 8, and you’ve never been to this school, so you should probably find your class.” Ky knew exactly where she needed to go. She also knew where Eve’s class is , but she wasn’t going to say anything. Just to have some fun.


Eve Everdeen
“Yeah, see ya!” Eve exclaimed rushing off, trying to find her English class. Ugh, where is it?! She wondered, as she saw someone rushing in, looking just as late as she was. “Excuse me, but do you know where the English classroom is?” She asked.
@Caticorn :expressionless:


Waylon Taylor

Waylon was caught off guard by the girl’s sudden question. “No.” He replied simply, his gaze off of her and looking around the hallway. ‘Who knows how long it may take for me to find my class.’ He thought, before walking past the girl who had spoken to him, his thumb hooked under his backpack strap. ‘Although it shouldn’t be too hard. Not nearly as hard as fractioned trigonometry without a calculator.’