Clive City's Beverly High - Official Roleplay Thread


Waylon Taylor

“Wow, that’s pretty cool.” He said with a smile on his face. “I was supposed to work at one once, but then the whole camp got cancelled. Apparently, one of the main people running it got sued for… Some pretty bad stuff.” He said with a small nod. “Do you have a favourite movie?”


Ky Lily
“Hmm…favourite movie. I don’t know. Probably tied between Grease and the Star Wars movies.” She can be a bit of a nerd when she wants to. Her parents loved showing her their favourite movies from when they were younger, so she adopted their movie preferences.


Waylon Taylor

“Nice.” He said with a smile. ‘Star Wars, huh? That’s cool I guess.’ He thought. “I could never really get into Star Wars. I’m not sure why. Probably because I didn’t really have much exposure to it ever, expect from people in my schools.” He said.



I would like to announce that all students will have the same classes. All subjects will be in the same periods so it is easier for myself to manage, and more interactions are possible!

Finish up your conversations and we will timeskip.

Also, pm me the relationships you have made at the party so I can change it on the FCs.


ORP: If you are ready, you can start off by making your characters waking up.


Ky Lily
“I’ll see you at school on Monday, 'kay? I gotta go. My dad’s going to freak.” She waved goodbye and exited the house. Then she got on her board and headed home.


Adilyn Walker
She had woken up from her slumber, still tired because she had invited Peyton over, they both stayed up watching some movies. She got up from her bed, looking at Peyton, who still seemed knocked out from last night, or should she say, this morning. She opened the door, walking to the bathroom, swiftly passing by Andrew’s bedroom, noticing that he was all ready to go and dressed.

She finally made it to the bathroom, brushing her teeth, then doing her hair, making sure it was just right. She didn’t wanna make it look like she was super tired, she kinda wanted to come back on Monday with a boom.

She made her way back to the bedroom, Peyton was still sleeping. She rolled her eyes. Gosh, she needs lots of sleep, Adilyn thought. She covered her with a blanket, then changed into her outfit for the day. She carefully poked Peyton on the cheek, awaiting her to wake up.

Andrew Walker
He put on some clothes for the school day and walked out of his room. He noticed Peyton had stayed the night, and he didn’t mind. He walked downstairs, toasting a bagel that was ready to go. He walked to the car, starting it up. He usually felt for a carry-on breakfast, as that was easiest for himself. He waited for the two girls.


Ky Lily
She woke up and thought Why does it have to be Monday? She put on her outfit and walked downstairs. She quickly made herself a slice of toast and walked out the door. Let’s board to school today. She thought as she headed towards the school


Waylon Taylor

Waylon stared out the window as he ate his full breakfast. He had woken up extremely early and hadn’t been able to fall back asleep. He had changed into a flannel and clean black jeans, wearing his converse once again. ‘I wonder if I’ll be able to see Ky today. I hope so.’ He thought. Once it was an acceptable time, he got into his car and began to drive to school.


Ella Lovette :sparkles: -Party-
I waved goodbye to Brooke and stumbled out the door. I am so drunk. I yawned and looked over to see Waylon and Ky still sitting together. I rolled my eyes for some reason and got into my drivers car.
“Miss Lovette, are you ok?” My driver asked, raising a brow at my questionable drunk behaviour.
“Yeah, yeah let’s go already” I say, falling asleep in the backseat.


Peyton Wilson
She opened her eyes and noticed Adilyn looking her in the eye.”Adi, what the hell…?!”She says, quickly sitting up from the floor. She stood up, dusting herself off.”Thanks for waking me up, I’m gonna go change, aight?”She says, pushing Adilyn out of the room so she could change. She grabbed some ponytails out of her backpack, carefully doing her hair. She put on her outfit, then opened the door. She noticed Adilyn was already downstairs, so she followed her down.

“How was your night, girls?”Ms Walker said as she flipped some pancakes for us. Peyton shrugged. The girls finished eating their breakfast, then walked over to the car.

She got into the backseat, waiting for Adilyn to get in, she opened up her phone.

Bethany Willows
She walked through the school, everybody waving at her and clearing their paths so she could walk through. She would get compliments such as cool outfit or beautiful hair! She was overwhelemed. She quickly grabbed her items from her locker and dashed to the bathroom. She walked over to a sink and washed her face.

ORP: Bethany is approachable.

Here are their outfits, by the way!

Peyton’s Hairstyle + Outfit:

Bethany’s Hairstyle + Outfit:


ORP:@epi.alyssaa I’m going to be away for the next two weeks.


Shanina Chapman

Beep! Beep! Beep! Her alarm went off on her phone. Shanina slowly opened her eyes and lifted herself up from the bed to grab her it on the dresser. She stopped the alarm. I got 31 minutes. She thought while walking over to the bathroom. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she went over to her dresser to grab her sweater and a pair of ripped jeans. By her bed was her sneakers and her backpack. Shanina then looks into her mirror that is attached to the wall and puts on her choker and studs. She started to take out the ponytail holder to let her braids out freely. She usely has her hair in her natural state but she decides to style it once in a while. She looked at the time. 19 minutes to go. Shanina walked out of her room and to her locker. She noticed people clearing a path for a girl, waving at her and filling her with compliments. Ugh… She rolled her eyes. She grabbed her books and put them into her backpack. Shanina turned her head and saw the same girl, next to her, getting stuff from her locker. Alright’. Don’t do nothin’ stupid or she- That’s when she dropped her book, landing next to the girl.


ORP: Perfectly fine, thanks for letting me know.