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Ah, don’t you just love the stunning view atop of Mount Tina? The view from atop shows exactly what Clive City is! Its crowded sidewalks, stunning structures, luxurious homes and shopping malls, and the many job opportunities! All of those factors made up what Clive City is. Well, not really. I’m talking about the students who attend Clive City’s one and only: Beverly High.

Beverly High is Clive City’s top high school. It’s where all the rich kids go, and some of them can be rather spoiled. If you’re just about lucky, they may have given you a scholarship, but that may be impossible for a lower class. Anyone who’s just about anyone, is always invited to Bethany Willows’ Friday night parties, and that’s where drama always unfolds. Your principal, Mr. Thompson, has been acting rather strange, too. He’s been making random school projects, and has been on the phone quite alot then to be at Monday Morning Assemblies.

Will you unfold the mystery of Mr Thompson’s doings with your fellow students at Beverly High? Sign up to find out!

Clive City’s Beverly High is just a fun roleplay about a super luxurious, yet super fancy school. As we get more into the story, more twists are introduced (nothing too dramatic like West High), and the students have more to do. Each student is also given a randomized schedule. Some returning, and some are new. If you’d like to signup, here is the form! If you would like to discuss relationships please do and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

Things To Note:

  1. You are allowed to have more than one character, just make sure you have at least one of the opposite gender.
  2. You can apply to be a teacher for this roleplay, and yes, you’ll be leading a class. Contact me if you’re interested!
  3. Do not ask me when you are on the faceclaims. This question is quite annoying, and I have several other roleplays I take part in, so do not ask me this.

I hope you sign up!

Clive City's Beverly High - Official Roleplay Thread





Reserve for a female teacher!


@ReeceandBecca @annaclaire721 No need to reserve! I don’t plan on closing! :slight_smile:


I’m going to sign up but it might take me a little bit. Apologies in advance. ^^"


Of course, take as much time needed!


What should we put in for the elective?


It’s what your character wants to take.

EX: Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Geography, Art, Drama, Band, Choir, etc.


Would some people sign up some males? We have more females than males.


Signed up! Really excited for this. :grin:


Glad you’re excited for this!


Hey, @Caticorn, I was thinking that maybe Ky and Peyton Wilson (@ally20’s character) should be good friends. Maybe they know in each other in Canada, because thats where they were both raised in Canada. Let me know if you’re up for it! :slight_smile:



I just signed up above is my character!


It has to be of a real person, could you send me your faceclaim?


oh ok! coming up…


this was an oops post