Clive City's Beverly High - RP Signups


Hey, I just signed up for my character a while ago. Her name is Miya Reid. Maybe they can be childhood friends or something? @Surface_Hyena57


You have to make sure u have the all clear to RP by @epi.alyssaa, but I am approachable (Ella Lovette) and I’m sure they could have some relationship! :two_hearts:
Or anyone who wants a relationship


@Surface_Hyena57, you submitted your character four times, lol.


@epi.obsessed1, Miya Reid is now eligible to roleplay!

Please note that you must censor all curse words. Let me know if you have any concerns!


Alyssa, I signed up! Sorry for saying it but… Should I reserve or is that just…


There’s no reservations allowed. :slight_smile:




@epi.obsessed1, forgot to give you Miya’s schedule.

Here it is. :slight_smile:


@Surface_Hyena57, Jayvyn Kilgore Lovell is eligible to roleplay.

Here is his schedule and here are the RP Guidelines.