Clive City's Beverly High - RP Signups


Once you are tagged in the thread’s main post.


Can I still use my character?


Of course you can! What gave you the assumption not to?


I haven’t been on in a long time and assumed my character would be up for adoption


I hadn’t been active myself, so you’re fine.


@Episode.BriarRose you didn’t reply


Sorry, I’m REALLY busy these days, I’ll reply tight away right now!


By the way, I will not be on for the majority of the day today as I am going out today :slight_smile:


@EpisodeShadow, may I have Shanina’s elective and sport once again?


Shanina’s elective is Creative Writing and her sport is Fencing.


There is a problem with my faceclaim, On faceclaims It says: Shanina is in the newspaper club, I’m not Shanina… :frowning:


I know because I’m not done with FCs.

You are also not eligible to roleplay yet either because I have to assemble everything else.


Okay, Thanks.


I signed up are they still open?




Yes, still open.


Ok I should be signed up then



Welcome to the Clive City’s Beverly High RP!

Before you begin, here are some things to know:

  • Make you sure you write a minimum of six sentences per response. Lots of roleplays with short written responses die out easily. If you need any help with writing longer responses, be sure to pm me.
  • Absolutely no cursing words should be in sight to the naked eye. Be sure to use asterisks (*'s) or the blur spoiler feature on the forums.
  • Please read the RP guidelines here. We expect you follow each and every one of our roleplay rules.
  • Here is the schedule for your character William Smith, and here is the schedule for your character Donatella Rosa.
  • Please try to not ask any ORPs on the official thread, anything else should be asked in the General Chat PM. You will be invited soon.
    -Make sure you do not RP until you have been tagged in the main post!


@bossyroxy411, I’m sorry but your signup form is not eligible.

Your signup form lacks depth of personality and backstory.

Please resubmit your signup form with more detail and proper answers if you wish to take part.


I need to tell you that I still don’t have my schedule