Clock Directing Help

Hey, I’m trying to rotate the minute hand, but it keeps going all over the place. I want to do the same with the hour hand, but I can’t even fix this part can someone help me. I have watched Joseph Evans videos, looked up topics for 2 hours, but nothing

@overlay 5468774868516864_MINUTE shifts to 136 255
@overlay 5468774868516864_MINUTE scales to 0.172 0.172
@overlay 5468774868516864_HOUR shifts to 149 253
@overlay 5468774868516864_HOUR scales to 0.190 0.190
@overlay MINUTE rotates 360 anchor point 0 0 in 2

Can anyone help me?

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Have you tried shifting the overlays again to their right places after the rotation took place? I sometimes find that with rotations, it messes up my overlay placement, and you have to alter the shifting commands again // replace the previous code.

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