Close MY page for me I can't take this no more

Law Break this my need some one writing my story on docs. Iimelight Easy that way. Add the code on my docs to.

If someone writes your story for you, its not really your story anymore.


It there need some one put on my docs and code .I don’t mass it up.
Docs are murch easy for .I don’t mass it up .

Write on the docs for me and the code to. Need some help on it .I dont want mass up the code .to.and story .

You should really try learning how to code yourself. And I thought someone was already helping you code…

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I have one person’s she help with other story I am good so just need one person’s help out this .She ask me how many story I got.five story on here .She don t put wrong code on my story .at all I try learn code it hard for me .I don’t mass up on code on murch it writing code . She help me one story at time .just take my time on it.

Know the guide just put wrong code down …

Well it takes time to learn. Maybe instead of making multiple topics asking people to do it for you, maybe you could search up tutorials on YouTube, like Joseph Evans, he makes tutorials on that stuff.


She help write my story how she writing her.she is help out that good .need one person’s help me to.

That good idea to .watch video. To your story think you put different code to. Write the story. Just code very I can try .got some one show me this limelight .

Okay, I’m confused. If someone is already helping you, why you asking for help? That comes of as ungrateful and rude.


I am not work on law break story ok I am work the life of despair. Then tell you I am try get other person help on limelight story that hard for the code you don’t listen.

Just focus on one story at a time.

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I will thank you

Moved to Find a Writing Partner since you’re looking for help with writing. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Thank you

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I am try do limelight story talk some one she need write part…she change to writing partner. For me

Law Breaker is my story that write

Girl you can’t ask her to write everything. You need to write and direct yourself. She is just there to help you out when your stuck. Not write the whole script for you.

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Law Breaker is my story I write that .story .