Close this i dont want this please close this


CLOSE pleaseeeee

Rownie's Splash Shop
Making Cover Art for all!
Making Cover art

hi i would like one


my friend and i are making a story rn so once we actually start do u think u can make one


Sorry hun, but you went to every shop and offered. You are ALREADY getting over 5 of them. Sadly going to have to decline.


but no one wants to do mine for me


and my friend and i dont have anyone to do it for us


Hey I was wondering if you make to be continued splashes


I do indeed!


Ok thank you
Can I please have a to be continued background
Can MC be doing laugh_crack_up
In the middle of the screen with the background being anything you want I don’t mind
And at the bottom in big letters can it please say follow me on Instagram for updates with my user (episode_ck)
She looks like this
Skin honey
Eyes upturned bold (black)
Eyebrows seduciave arch
Hair beach wave (black)
Nose eleven
Lips full round (taupe)
Thank you !!!


Of course! Making it now!


Hey After your done with her can i get a splash?


Of course! Send me the deets in message!


I am making a to be continued in summer,


ok i will!


like the theme


FOr you i will be doing something else! :smiley:


Can I get A to be Continued Splash
With A Gangy Background?


Sure! I Can edit that too to make it cooler. :wink: I would need to change the dress to something like shirt and shorts, is that avaible?


Yes That Is


i think that would look even better if you edited it