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I need help on a story about kidnapping there daughter. Need help add more ideas to my story

I need good about title
Good idea character name
Good idea Genre
Need the Author
Good idea description to please help me out this story. If you have more ideas let me know.

Title: Kidnapping My Kid
Character name: Isla?
Genre: Drama

tell me your story line and i will make a description

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Man break in the house kill mom and dad kidnapping kids

how about this:

you had a pretty average life, with no worries…until daddy issues gives itself a whole other meaning after you were kidnapped by your own father

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Yes love story thank you

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Father was wrong kidnapping owners kids he be in hopes police found him and kids be safe.

Meanwhile police had put out a bulletin alerting local precincts to be on the lookout for my mother’s car.Because my mom didn’t know her license plate number and it had to be tracked down .it took a while before police could activate an Amber Alert the new emergency system that sends out notification that child is missing.But once the alert was issued my daughter abduction become nationwide news.

I am change my story

Gabrielle Monique. Union Wade born. October 29, 1972 is American actress activist and author she began her career in the 1990 appearing on television sitcoms before landing supporting roles in teenage comedic films she all that and 10 things .I hate about 1999.
he break thought role was he in the 2000 film bring it on Union joined the hit TV show America got talent as a judge in 2019.:smiley:

Break in shun Russell take her son and daughter on weekends a get way to her late father secluded high-tech vacation home in the country side in but the family soon gets out unwelcome surprised when four men break in into the house to find hidden money .after managing to escape Shaun must now figure out a way to turn the tables on the desperate thieves .and save her captive children and😊

After he father lsaac’s murder Shaun Russell travel to the house she grew up in with her two children daughter jamasine and son gloves. Shaun intense to Seattle he father’s estate and sell the remotely-located house , which has multiple security features including
a hand -held. remote monitor .the security system is off line at their arrival,but is soon .
reactivated by Jasmine . unknown to the family four criminal Peter Sam Duncan and their leader Eddie are already in the house .Jasmine and Glover are taken hosting while Shaun is outside Peter Chase Shaun into the woods where she managed to knock him unconscious.she leaves him bound and gagged uses the intercom to call the house Eddie tells tells her they only came for the safe and their $4million they believe is inside lsaac’s was under investigation and Sam had learned that he liquidated his assets. the crew has only 90 minutes from when they cut the phone line before the security company will contact police so they want to find it and leave quickly.

concerned in the tree shun sees Maggie the realtor arrive with paper work for the house sale Eddie greets he at the door explaining Shaun had gone into town briefly and invites he in Maggie notice Shaun purse on the table behind Eddie and Maggie is leaving Duncan attacks and slits he throats which angers Eddie as it means Shaun won’t be be as controllable.