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what do you mean people like me? I haven’t even been in contact with a single editor because almost all of them have their requests closed lol

People with bad attitudes, who generalise editors and group them together, and say they all edit for recognition/fame.


well a good majority do and I can’t blame their hustle. It just makes me appreciate editors who give new authors a chance even more.

As Rune said, you clearly are not looking hard enough. And the editors who don’t take requests, have not closed their requests because they only want fame by editing for big authors. It’s because they feel restricted in how creative they can get, or they have had experience with ungrateful people. Would you rather have a cover that’s half-arsed because the editor feels like they have to make you one?


Every editor on Episode is probably going to avoid you like the plague after this. Jeez, the salt is unreal.


Lmao :joy:


Thats so not true. I make splashes for people I don’t even know. Im just starting out and I will or try to make the splashes for whoever needs it. [as long as they arent to rude]


Bookmarked to remember, but if they do need one I’ll help out maybe lol


@imaginarywinter If you want to make your own edits, watch tutorials and practice. Since you threw shade and had a bad attitude at editors, no one’s going to make art for you, so you should probably learn anyway. Just a thought.

Here’s a helpful rule -
To assume makes an a** out of you and me.

Essentially, don’t do it.


I do believe it’s difficult to find editors to do edits but I don’t assume everyone who closes their edits is because they don’t want to do it for certain people. I guess they have too many edits so they have to close them to keep up with what they have. That is certainly fair. What wouldn’t be fair is editors do them for free only for certain people. What’s also not fair is if you only do it for big authors and your friends. I know that is not the case for everyone. So my advice would have been to look for new and upcoming editors who have more time to do edits. I did that.


But do you not think they should only do it for something they’re passionate about, even if that means it’s their friends?


That’s their prerogative, I know. I guess the people who have a tough time getting edits probably get a little bit jealous. It’s probably not right, but I get why they feel that way.


Hmm, okay then. I don’t personally agree with people blaming editors for doing them for people close to them but I suppose that’s because I myself am an editor who’s done requests and I see the perspective of someone who people expect art from. You’re entitled to your own opinion I guess.


I do understand how they feel but I would never be rude or advocate someone being rude because of that. As I said, that’s their time, their choice of how they spend it. In my mind, it’s kind of a compliment because they think the editor is so good, they wish they could have their beautiful work in their story.


It’s good to have people appreciate your work. I’m absolutely not disputing that, but when people expect editors who spend ages on their work to make art for them. Some not even giving them a thank you after their request is done? I think it’s wrong.


Oh, we totally agree that some people are unappreciative and if that is what turns off some editors, I don’t blame them.


Well I can’t speak for all, but it definitely made me unmotivated, that and the fact that you are being told exactly what to make. There’s no artistic freedom there, and I personally like to edit because I can do whatever with it. It’s my creation. I can experiment however I want.


Thanks for explaining that. It helps me better to understand from the other perspective.


Nope. Nope. Nope. Just nope.


Thank you for hearing the other point of view, most people don’t. :slightly_smiling_face: